Sunday, May 22, 2011

Come on down to Bill's Fishin Hole. . . .

We headed out to Bill's Fishin Hole in the sticks for Hayden's (my girlfriend Tiffany's son) 4th birthday party. Had ourselves a lovely time. Caught up with old friends, watched the kiddos try to wrangle in some fish, pet some animals and had birthday cake! The boys had a great time! Carter squaking at the birds.

Little man discovered the good stuff, poor guy couldn't put these yummy chips down. Why doesn't mommy buy me these is what he is thinking. Probably because mommy would look just like that if we had them in the house!

Carter signs dog for just about every furry animal he sees. We were checking out the goats here.

Lisa, Me, and Tiffany. Hard to believe we have been friends since junior high. (Umm that was quite a long time ago, considering I will be celebrating my 32 b-day next month.)

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