Sunday, August 16, 2009

Megs turns 30!

This year has been quite the parties! Everyone has turned 30 and we have all celebrated. Meghan turns 30 today but her husband planned her quite the surprise this Friday at Dukes. It was great because all the kids got to go. Her little girl Ainsely is about 7 weeks younger then Carter. We had a good time, although Carter is not a fan of surprises. When everyone yelled surprise he screamed and was not having it! Defiantly no surprise party for his first birthday!

Children's museum with the twins

This week Katie and I took the kids to the children's museum in Factoria. I totally suggest anyone with little ones looking for something to do on a rainy day to go! The kiddos were very busy and entertained by all of the cool rooms and exhibits. I am still amazed every time I see Katie with the twins. She is an amazing mother that handles every situation with grace. Her kids are so well behaved and even if they act up a little she doesn't rip her hair out, she smiles and takes care of it. I am so proud of the wonderful mother she has became!

Decked out all in white

Last weekend the Gamba's had their first official all white party. You had to come dressed head to toe in white. I never knew the fashion world allowed so much white. The boys shoes cracked me up the most, Casey had on white crocks! Everyone went all out, it was hilarious. Papa stayed home with Carter while Mama hung out with the girls. I had so much fun! Due to the white decor and outfits, Gamba told me if I drank red wine, I had to put it in a sippie cup. Carter let me borrow his cup for the night.

Lunch with the ladies

Last week Carter and I went to lunch with my mom and her friends. We took the foot ferry over from West Seattle into downtown and went to lunch at Cutter's. Yummy. Then we braved through the crazy market! It was packed even on a Thursday morning. Living in Seattle your whole life, you forget that tourist come to the city on vacation. Seattle and vacation? Well I think I would miss this city if I didn't live here. And we have had a gorgeous summer although this last week hasn't been the greatest, it should be getting hot again soon!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Carter's buddies, Cash & Presely

I spent a couple days in E-burg at Auntie Katie's to visit all my girls and their children. My battery was running low on the camera so I didn't get to take near as many pictures as I wanted to, bummer. Amber came over and had her first overnight with baby Macy, she did wonderful. We went out to dinner and then played at Shannon's water slide park in her backyard. You should have seen this thing, I wish I had a picture! We had a great time, but we missed Daddy and had to get back home.

Winery trip

This year was much different then the years past with the newest member in the winery bike ride, Mr. Carter. Years past we have had quite the rowdy trips with blackberry bushes, bicycle crashes,lawn art made out of wine bottles and many more unspoken memories. This year the temperature surpassed what we thought it would and made the ride feel just a little longer and my bike just a bit heavier with a new passenger abroad. Daddy had to work, so Mama got herself a nice workout with Carter riding in his new ride. But we all made it safe and sound, some of us better off then others. Overall it was a great trip and I can't wait for next year.

Renton River Days

We went to visit Carter's girlfriend, Erika down at Renton River Days. She was selling her cards and invitations. If anyone needs cards or invitations please let me know, this girl can do it all and they are gorgeous! Poor Erika and Marissa were melting under their tent.

The whole fam!

We had a BBQ with the whole family here at our house althought we were missing my brother in law Ben. We tried to stay cool in the 4 feet of shade we have in our backyard so the pool was a must for everyone!