Thursday, December 20, 2012

There will be in a little more. . .


There will be in a little more. . . pink in our Christmas card next year. Our little family of four is ecstatic to announce we will be welcoming a baby girl in May! I feel like our family is complete now. This is what I have always wished for. Our prayers have been answered. I loved the fact that Carter and Nolan are so close in age and will always be the best of friends. And now I will have my little sweet girl to dress in pink, tutus, headbands and anything else sparkly I can get my hands on! I do believe God has a plan and everything is meant to be. 
At the doctor today our little miss was all over the place making it very difficult to determine the sex. The ultrasound tech swooshed the wand over my belly back and forth chasing her all around. And then with confidence said, "I believe it is a girl". (Even my doctor called later this afternoon to confirm after seeing the ultrasound and to say congratulations.) Tears immediately began to fall. I sat there in this quiet dark little room, looked at Eric, then looked at my boys and told them they were going to have a sister and literally cried the most joyful tears ever. This is it, my last time being pregnant, my last baby and we could not be more happy. 

Family photos done by my fabulously talented friend, Erin Rinabarger
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our trip to Santa on Carter's birthday!

The beginning of the end for Santa pictures. . . 

Santa was so sweet, he sat down on the floor thinking it might make the kids more comfortable! We opted for a family pic instead, not exactly what we were planning. 

One last attempt. . . and no! 

Posing with a family of 4 is tough, it is hard to imagine 5 before long! 

Watching the reindeer fly through Bellevue Square. 

Just chillin in Crate & Barrell

Nolan stealing the display presents. . . 

His love of chocolate, comes directly from his father. He was in heaven! 

Nolan said "one step forward Rudolph and I will have your nose, watch it reindeer!"

We decided on a low key birthday this year for Mr. Carter. Every year it is a mad rush to get ready for Thanksgiving, then Carter's birthday and then Christmas. I actually think Carter is happier with a smaller crowd anyway. And since his mama doesn't know how to do anything small, we decided on a family birthday and enjoyed every minute of it!
Saturday night we took Carter to his favorite place, Red Robin to let him have a hay day with fries and grilled chicken! Eric even convinced me to let the staff come and sing "happy birthday" to Carter. He hide his head but clapped and smiled after they left. Probably thanking his lucky stars it was over!
Sunday we headed to Bellevue with Grandma & Grandpa Becker to visit Santa and go to dinner. Santa was a big "no thank you"! And mom and dad had to sit in for a picture with Santa. So surprised you can't see the beads of sweat on my face. Just getting Carter to sit on my lap next to the man dressed in red was a workout! Maybe next year! Next we did and little shopping and then headed to Maggiano's for a HUGE yummy dinner!
I honestly can't believe another year has gone by. My first born is 4 years old. He truly amazes me on a daily basis. He is quite the comedian, knows just when to make you laugh. He grew just a tad taller this year and although he is now four, I still look at him and see my little baby. He still melts into my body to snuggle, tucking his arms under mine and wrapping his legs around to get the tightest squeeze he can. And although he   hasn't said "Ya know today mom I would really like to. . . the words he does use are celebrated. His favorite sentence is "more milk please"! The kid would live off of milk and fruit if it was up to him. Carter is growing and thriving in all areas of his life and that is all a mama could ask for. His week is filled with fours days of Pre-school, Swim therapy and Hippo-therapy (horseback riding). Time is flying by, it seems like it was last week when I wrote his birth story.
Shortly after Carter was born my dad made us a CD with songs that made him think of us. He put one song on there that literally is the theme song of our lives that plays in my head daily. I never thought a band like Green Day would write a song that could sum up our world but I literally cannot listen to this song without crying. In the song "Good Riddance" he says, "it's something unpredictable but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life". Thank you Dad for such a powerful message and song you sent to our family after the birth of our sweet boy.
And Carter I hope you are having the time of your life because I am my son! Love you more then anything in this world baby boy. Happy 4th Birthday!
December 2, 2012