Sunday, January 29, 2012

My cleaning boy

A little man after my heart. This boy loves to clean. I can not clean the floor without this one chasing after me to help. He actually knows how to turn it on and sweep the floor. I am passing down my OCD cleaning ways to the youngest in the household. So sorry little one I hope you aren't as crazy as your mama.
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First field trip

Carter had his first pre-school field trip. We went to Seattle's Children's Museum. It was my first field trip as a parent, not as the teacher. It is much more relaxing being the parent then the teacher. I loved spending the day with Carter. I think every now and then it is nice to spend the day with just one babe. My little man is growing up so fast. First it's field trips, then before you know he'll be going to prom!
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Pet store & Children's Museum

Eric and I took the babes to Factoria last weekend to go to the Children's Museum. We made a pit stop at the pet store. Nolan is definatly our animal lover and Carter isn't so sure. Nolan would have taken every furry pet he could get his hands on if we let him and Carter screamed every time one little creature looked his way. The museum was a hit though. I think we might become members, it is a fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love / Hate relationship

We are on the war path of breaking Nolan from the binky. It has been a long two nights and we are on day 3. We have gone cold turkey, so it has been rough. My little munchkin only had a binky while taking naps and bed time (although also during "emergency" situations). Mamas word of advice. . . break em! Let go of the crutch! You will thank me in the long run. Nolan will be 17 months tomorrow and I am planning to throw all binkys in the disposal just so he will never accidently find one again. Peace and red wine be with you.

(PS. Thats not my babe, I didn't give him knuckle tats)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow days. . .

It doesn't happen often but when it does the Pacific Northwest shuts up shop. We have snow and the world has stopped. No school for the past two days, even the gym closed today. Too bad Daddy still has to go to work, I guess they can't have the juvinelles let out for the snow day, might not be so safe.

It takes us 20 minutes to get these babes all bundled up and then we play for 15 because it is so cold. I get more of a workout getting them ready then playing outside. But today we managed a short walk and sled ride. We'll see how long our winter wonderland lasts.

Snow days have encouraged more living room dance parties, movie watching, and cuddling. However snow days have also lead to eating more because when its cold you have to stock up for the winter weather, right? And today the snow lead to me cutting my hair, I now have bangs. Seriously? They aren't too bad but probably would not have done it if we hadn't been couped up in this house for this whole week! Meanwhile I am humming the tune by Bruno Mars, "Today I don't feel like doing anything". . . and sometimes nothing is fine.

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My little monkey

This one right here, loves his mama, I mean LOVES his mama. But sometimes mama has to cook, or clean or help another baby in the house or even pee for that matter. But this little Nolan will not have it. So I will soak up the moments of you loving me so bad it hurts because one day you won't your mama around every waking moment. I love you my HMB (high maintence baby)! If you were a girl, you may have been my last so pray for mama she has a little princess one day.
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When you are younger you talk to your girlfriends about having kids and how they are going to grow up and be best friends just like you were. Then you have babies and realize how crazy life is and you are lucky to get a conversation in once a week. But the time you do spend together is priceless. Our little mini me's are creating bonds with their buddies, just like we did when we were younger. Which leads me to the question of are arranged marriages out of the question?
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carter at Pre-school

I opened my email today to find these fabulous pictures of Carter bug loving his PT at Pre-school. A+ to our new PT who send me pictures and told me about his day. And . . . I cried but happy tears because today I felt like I knew about what my boy was doing in school. He may not be able to come home and tell me but these pictures made my day, heck they made my week. Mama is so proud of you big boy!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Average . . .

Sometimes in my head I will rate myself of how good of a mama I am for the day and hope that within the week it averages out. Sunday- lost it because babes split flour and sugar all over the floor, survey says “3” for the day. Mama should understand they are just curious and exploring right? Monday- story time at the library, walk around the block with a trip to the park, topped off with family swim night, survey says “8”. Mama used creativity without having to spend barely any money ($7 for swim) and simulated young minds.
As mothers we tend to always compare ourselves, whether you admit it or not. You watch in the grocery store to see how another mom handles her kids screaming throwing everything out of the cart. Yet when your child is in a restaurant throwing their food and cup, you pray that no one is watching in fear of being judged. “Look at that mom, she has no control of her kids.” When in reality we should be supporting each other. Help a sister out. You have been there. And if you haven’t yet, believe me you will. Parenting is down right hard. I try to cherish every day that I am home with my kids, but some days I cry. I cry because I wonder if I am doing it right or if I could do it better.
Then it brings me to Carter. There are days I forget he has DS and other days when I curse his DS. I wish things could be easier for him and sometimes even myself. But I feel so guilty for saying that out loud. Do I ever wish he didn’t have DS? No. Carter is the beautiful, vibrant, funny, energetic boy he would be DS or not. Yet when I am out with both of the boys, someone will come over and ask how old are they (after asking if they are twins). When I respond with 3 and 1 they are taken back for a minute. And I know why, because Carter is smaller than an average 3 year old and he isn’t talking as much as a “typical” 3 year old. But why compare? We compare ourselves as mothers, we compare our children, we are constantly sizing each other up. Why not stop and chill the “F” out?
And I know my post had a point . . . I may have rambled on to much or gotten a little too worked up. But I am passionate about being a mama, I am passionate about being Carter and Nolan’s mama. I am passionate about saying it is okay some days to be average. We all have our days.

Holiday pictures

We had some pictures done with the grandparents right before the holidays for fun and Christmas. My girlfriend Rachel did an amazing job. To check out more of her work ( She is a busy lady so plan ahead.

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