Friday, January 6, 2012

First day of pre-school

Well, it happened. We made it through our first week of pre-school. I am pretty sure it was harder for me then Carter. I couldn't believe it, he walked in there like he had done it a hundred times before. I stayed for the first part of class just to make sure he (I mean I) would be okay. I waved good-bye a little while later and then came the tears, my tears but I didn't let Carter see me crying. I am so scared because my baby can't come home to tell me how school went. He can't tell me if someone was mean to him or if something was hard for him. I am scared that my baby is starting to grow up. Everyone says the years just fly by when they are in school. I am not ready for the years to fly by. I still want to snuggle my boy and protect him from everything in this world. But I know part of him becoming his own person is mama learning to let go. . . just a little. So with all of my worries I decided to create an "All about me" book for his teachers. Just a small insight to who my Carter bug is. And since I am incapable of doing things less then huge it turned into a giant project that involved a lot of glue, pictures, paper, a short novel and a few nights of midnight bed times for myself I completed his book. Carter's teachers will know everything about him that makes him the precious boy he is. (I will take some pics and show you my masterpiece.)

So pat us on the back because we made it through the first week of pre-school. The best part was picking him up. When he saw me standing there waiting for him, he smiled ear to ear and ran towards me with open arms. I may have cried again, just a wee bit. On our way home I was asking him questions about class and how his day was. Then I asked if he had a snack and he signs, "more food please". Apparently he had not had enough snack. So the next day I delievered a large box of treats, for my hungry boy and the rest of the class.

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