Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New babies!!!

Carter has been so lucky to welcome two new friends into the world. Brody Demin Goldsmith was born to Tiffany and Olly. And Ainsely Ryan Lake was born to Meghan and Dave. We got to visit them both last week. I am so happy for both of their families and look forward to seeing our babies grow up together.

With the new babies born I have to say it was somewhat emotional and difficult for me. I would not change Carter by any means but I sometimes think about what it would be like to not have any of the health challenges and other obsicales we may face in his life. Your life can change in a single blink of an eye. I remember driving to the hospital thinking my life is never going to be the same and I am so thankful for that because I can't imagine my life before Carter. I truly feel obligated to do something for mothers that have children born with special needs. The way Carter was diagonosed will stay with me forever, I wish it could have been handled differently. Do not get me wrong, there were a few very considerate, kind, and helpful staff at the hospital, but a couple I would like to have a few words with. I would have much rather talked to someone who has gone through this before, that can actually say- "I know what you are feeling right now but don't worry things will get better". Instead we were handed several packets someone printed off the internet and given the best of luck. Thanks I could have done that myself. I want to make it my goal to change that. I want to show them pictures of my beautiful boy and let them know it is all overwhelming right now but things do get better. Each day is different for me, one day I am on top of the world and ready to take on anything and everything. Other days I could care less about leaving the house and I am worried about every day of my baby's future.This is a whole new adventure we didn't expect it but realize that Carter chose us. He wants to help us change other people's opinions, fears and lives as he did ours.

And just as a side note. Carter is a child born with Down sydrome. Carter is not a downs baby or a special needs child. He is my child first and his condition second. His condition is not who he is. Please just try to remember this when you are talking with a mother. I am sure I was guilty of this before Carter was born but I am very aware of it now. Thank you so much! I promise Carter will teach us all a little something!

***(Somebody had called me and asked me if I was upset when I wrote in my side note. Not at all, I just want to teach people about children with special needs. So if you have said something like this in a conversation with me, I am not upset and still love you. No worries!)***

Where does the time go?

The days just fly by and Carter is growing and changing daily. We have been very busy and been on countless adventures. Let me sum all our past month.

A couple weeks ago we had Carter's two month check up. He weighed in at 10 lbs. & 4 oz. and measured 22 inches long. He is in about the 25th% for his age group. The doctor said everything looked good and Carter is a healthy young man. The following day we had an appointment with Children's therapy center. Carter had a physical assessment done and compared to a typical 2 month old baby he was right on track. We signed up to have home visits by the physical therapist at least once a month. The therapy at this point is to be pro-active because Carter has strong muscle tone there isn't an immediate concern but it could be helpful for the future. Last week we had our first visit at home with the physical therapist and family planning coordinator. We discussed our goals for Carter's future and what areas of concern we may have. Linda, the physical therapist was very impressed with Carter's strengthen. She showed us new ways to hold him and positions for him to play in to help with his muscle tone. She was also very excited that he was successful at nursing because his strong sucking muscles will help him with his speech later on. Eric and I are hopeful and realize there are going to be big challenges to face in the future but we are going to give Carter every possible advantage to succeed. Our little boy is so special and I can't imagine our life before him.

We have our next home visit this Thursday to check in with us before we go off to Hawaii! I am so excited to show Linda how much progress he has made. Carter is starting to hold up his head for longer periods of time and grip things in his hands. I don't think that he realizes he has something in his hand but it is still so cute. He is also starting to become aware of things hanging down in front of him, he will reach out to touch them. Carter loves to stare at lights and loves his little mirror on his tummy time mat. He will sit there and just stare at himself, it is so funny. Well I will keep you posted on his progress!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My kind of gym

1. Gym equipment in your own house- CHECK
2. Wearing whatever you want to the gym in your house- CHECK
3. Magazine pictures of skinny famous rich b***hs with trainers, chefs and nannies- CHECK
4. The black bikini for motivation- CHECK
5. The sweetest little boy with his jammies on saying "I love my mommy" (even if she is chubby)- PRICELESS

Monday, February 2, 2009

First overnight trip

Holy smokes, this weekend Carter and I made our first road trip. Daddy went camping (crazy man!) so he couldn't join us. If I thought leaving the house was a lot of work, overnights are 20 times harder. I was sweating by the time I got everything packed, that doesn't include getting into the car. Of course I brought 4 outfits for me and at least 10 for Carter, you know just in case! In case of what that I am gone for two weeks?! Let's just say packing for Hawaii is going to be crazy. We are going to have to pay baggage charges like no other!

We made our way to Ellensburg to stay at Auntie Katie's house. Auntie Amber met us there and we had a girl's night plus three babies, well four including baby Macy in Amber's tummy. Then Sunday we had Shannon's shower for baby Jameson. We had a great time and hurried home to see Papa!

Carter had on quite the cute outfit for the shower. He looks like such a big man!

Play dates. . .

I have been taking advantage of the fact that I am home for a couple months and spending as much time with family and friends. So lately I have been getting together with some girlfriends and their little ones for a play date. Carter is still a little to young to care but I enjoy the playdates! We went over to Auntie Maria's and Auntie Haley joined us with her three little ones. Her youngest Adeline is about 6 weeks older than Carter. I think they enjoy each other's company. Aren't they cute?


Last week Carter and I met Katie and the twins at Bellevue square to go shopping. Carter, Cash & Presley all got new shoes at Nordstrom (mama's favorite store). Katie and I were talking about how much life has changed and how we would rather buy things for our kids then ourselves. Don't get me wrong the urge to shop is still there I just don't need to buy any clothes yet. . . wait until I am skinny again then I'll do some damage!