Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby shower

Today was Carter’s shower at my house. My girlfriends put on a wonderful and fabulous event! Thank you so much Katie, Haley, Maria and Amber for helping! There was a ton of my favorite foods and everything was beautifully decorated. I could not have asked for a better day! Carter's closet is busting at the seams, he got so many cute outfits and necessities. I already have everything put away in his room, a new task of organizing; it is so fun and never ending. I really hope I can maintain my OCD tendencies after baby arrives. Here are a few pic’s to enjoy. P.S. Never take a picture of a pregnant lady sitting down, it is not allowed! Also CAUTION cameras add weight to pregnant women, not all just one's in cream and pink outfits!

Baby shower . . .

By the way, there were 7 pregnant ladies at my shower. There could have been something in the water here today, watch out!

Baby shower con't

Carter's room

We have finished the nursery, still some minor details to add but ready for the most part. We only have 11 weeks to go! Today is my first shower with my girlfriends. I will post some pictures tonight hopefully.

Monday, September 22, 2008

7 months pregnant!!!

Holy smokes, I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. I am in the third trimester already. In 12 weeks I will be giving birth to our baby boy!!! I remember when I was just 12 weeks along. I kept saying oh yeah my belly is totally showing now, yeah right! Look at me now! This little guy has doubled in size. He is extremely active daily. You can see my skin move as he moves, it is amazing. I thought I peed a lot before, this month it is record breaking. I put myself on a two sheet limit because I am going through toliet paper like crazy! Costco is loving me with the way I have had to buy toliet paper! At school I can't even make it to recess anymore, it's painful!

Still no passing of the stones. Looks like I will be giving birth to more then Baby Carter in December. I may have to come up with names for those little friends also, seeings how we have been through so much together and all! I will save them along with my appendix from Mexico. Oh the stories I can tell the little one someday!

The new rocker

Grandma Carol (and Grandpa Nick, of course) decided to give us an early shower gift, this beautiful chocolate brown chair with an ottoman. It goes so well with our downstairs I'm not sure it is going to make it to the nursery. I love it!

Piper's baptism

This weekend Eric and I went back to Bremerton for Piper's baptism. Piper looked so cute in her little baptism outfit. I would have more pictures to share with you but unfortunately I dropped my camera in the toilet. Yes, graceful me went to flush and plop went the camera. So I will have to get back to you all with more pictures and a better update.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend at the fair

We had a great weekend! A weekend full of eating that is. We ventured off to the Fair on Sunday. We had fish & chips, scones, smoked salmon, and ice cream. Eric had some type of food in his hand the entire time. We actually brought home a dozen scones and today he told me if I wanted to save some for myself I needed to hide them. Are you kidding? I have to hide food in my house from my husband so I can eat!? Isn't there a law againist taking food away from a pregnant lady. He cracks me up! I almost thought he was joking until when I got home today, he asked me if I had hide my share yet. I hope our child gets his metabolism!

(The picture of Eric is him admiring the meat. My picture I am admiring the poor thing that is turned into his meat. Save the cows & pigs!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 1/2 months (26 weeks)

Nobody can ever really tell what pregnancy is like until it happens to you. This week I have been an emotional mess. I am not sure if it is the pregnancy, being sick, kidney stones, teaching or the combination of them all, but holy smokes look out! Monday I cried just because it was Monday. Yesterday I had a slight mental breakdown in the staff room at school. Both of the copy machines would not work and I just lost it. I actually had to the leave the room because I could not contain myself. My understanding and considerate principal sent me to my classroom and finished by copies for me. My hormones are out of control! I can go from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds. I will cry, become angry and full of rage and then be content as ever a minute later. How does something so little change everything about you inside and out?

Time just continues to fly by, I am due in just 13 weeks! I can’t wait to bring little Carter home!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The not so "rolling stones" . . .

I had a doctor’s appointment today and everything is right on track with baby Carter however I am still carrying around two kidney stones. The doctor asked me to continue to strain my pee (I refer to it as “digging for gold”) for at least the next week or two. If there still isn’t anything they may not remove them until after the pregnancy. The stones do not affect the pregnancy but the only concern was my pain which has dramatically dropped. Last night was the first night I didn’t take any pain medication. I feel pretty good just a little backache but I can manage. The pain pills were making me feel sick, groggy and giving me headaches. So we will see how things go.

Baby Carter had an ultrasound today, he is getting so big! She took one picture today and I actually think he was smiling. My skin has started to feel the effects of him growing. The skin underneath my breasts felt like it was burning, but it was just stretching. My ribs also feel bruised but Baby Carter is just making room for himself. I imagine it will only get worse from now on which makes me excited because the sooner he will come out!

I started school this week. I almost forgot for a second how much energy it takes to teach kindergarten. My little ones will keep me on my toes. Some of my kiddos count as two children so I really have to watch those ones! However if I don’t stop moving, I forget how tired I am until I stop moving. I swear my belly swells throughout the day. Eric comes home from work and says, I think you grew while I was gone. I am still completely amazed at how your body can change so fast and dramatically but I absolutely love being pregnant!