Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So rich. . .

Nolan believes we are so rich that we can burn money here in this household. Umm, news flash buddy, Mama actually needs you to actually start bringing home the dough. It's time ya start earning your keep.
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Seattle Aquarium

Every weekend I ask in a slightly sarcastic voice if we can go do something downtown like go to the Aquarium or walk through the market, or anything in the city! However my loving anti-city, traffic hating husband usually turns down the adventure. So Sunday after breakfast (which he made) when I asked and he immediatly said yes, I actually checked to see if he was feeling okay or had been drinking (hopefully not before 10am). And off we went. The babes had a blast and I got my dose of city life for the day. Husband didn't even complain once, although I am sure it will be another 6 months before I can get him down there again!
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What would you say?

Carter's first couple seconds of life
Right before we were given his diagnosis of DS
A few hours after. . .

A few days later, before being released from the hospital. Our first family picture together.
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Eric and I were recently asked if we would take part in an interview for Carter’s center, Children’s Therapy(, where he has done classes and therapy since birth. I was so honored and immediately said yes. Children’s Therapy has been a life changing experience for our family. Carter’s therapist and teachers have made solid impacts on his strengthen and development over the years. I joke with his therapists and say they could have double billed our insurance over the years because I felt like I was also receiving therapy. They have been there to celebrate exciting happy moments and also been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or just to vent my frustrations. During the interview I was asked what I would say to a new mother who had a baby with Down syndrome. And at the time I stumbled over my words and now looking back I would like a “take 2” because I didn’t word it right. As thousands of thoughts were going through my head, I wasn’t able to relay what I really wanted to say. I thought about what NOT to say, like “I’m so sorry” or “you were chosen by God to have this special child”. Statements not meant to intentionally hurt the new parents but just simply not what someone wants to hear. I realize my answer is simple. LOVE, love like there is no tomorrow, LOVE like you have nothing else to give, LOVE with every ounce of hurt in your soul. Your journey is going to have bumps in the roads and the hurt is evitable, your tears will come from the overwhelming sense of wanting to just protect your baby. You will mourn a loss of a baby you may have anticipated and that is okay. It is okay to feel pain because a month, a year or three years from now that pain will have made you stronger. That pain will have made you the mama that you are. A proud mama that is resilient and finds beauty in life’s simplest moments. You will look into those sweet beautiful eyes and see your baby, your baby that needs you and your baby that wants to be loved. You will have the same aspirations for your child that every other typical parent dreams of, that is to be accepted, admired and loved for who they are.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I think I can, I think I can. . .

I had a day today, a day where you cry while banging your head into the steering wheel hoping you can bring back your sanity. Started the day off by headed to the gym with the boys. Getting the kiddos out the door was a nightmare. I had an appointment with my trainer so being on time was a must. Yeah right, the boys had other plans and going to the gym was not in them. Eventually got the babes into the gym daycare for their second time ever and started my workout. 15 minutes in and the very sweet lady from the daycare said she needed me for someone had done the "big deed" in their pants. And once eye contact was made for diaper duty there was no leaving. Proceed to try to change dirty diaper while both children are screaming at the top of their lungs in fear of me going to burn some more calories. While trying to change little man, the other one decided to unroll all of the toliet paper, turned on the sink that had soap in the bottom and was just about ready to overfill with suds everywhere. Upon exiting the gym the front desk attendant (owner) noticed I was looking like a s**t show and decided to help me carry my babes to the car in the pouring rain.

Next head to swim therapy where Carter had to get into the pool for the first time ever without me (Eric usually goes with us but had to work a day shift today). Carter has had a cold and he wasn't his normal fish like self. So after swimming we head into the locker room to get him changed. I had to pee with the door open so I could see Nolan in the stroller and Carter was standing next to me. Carter then proceeds to unroll the entire roll of toliet paper and then crawl under the other stall. Meanwhile I am peeing like there is no tomorrow and cannot run to get him. After collecting my sweaty self from the chaos I try to leave the locker room. I have the stroller behind me and I am opening the door, the Superman shirt Carter was wearing must have inspired his secret super human powers because he pushed himself off of the wall, knocking me off balance and I literally go flying on my back. My head hits the stroller, elbow knocks the wall and I am flat on the ground. Babes were all safe however a little scared but mama not so good. I am whispering in my head, show no pain, show no tears even though I wanted to cry like a baby. Be strong, I think I can, I think I can. . .
Next proceed to get children home, fed, and a nap before heading to Carter's dr. appointment. And a big yeah right again. Nolan went down and Carter decided to take everything down but himself. While in his room he unloaded every drawer, emptied the diaper bin and didn't sleep a wink. Arrive at the doctors (Carter is sleeping of course) and parking is a nightmare. While in the doctor's office, Nolan attempts to eat a piece of chalk and Carter has a horrible sinus infection.

Fought traffic for an hour getting home to drop off the prescription, which I find out will take 45 minute to fill. Really? You take medicine off of a shelf and hand it to me? How does that take 45 minutes? So have to drive all the way home and had to go back an hour later. After dinner, baths, pjs, and what I wished was finally time to relax, I drove back to town to pick up the damn medicine.

Now babes are asleep, I am done complaining and I think I will actually go to bed! God bless all you mamas! Some days are rougher then others but just keep telling yourself, I think I can, I think I can. . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love day!

In honor of love day,
lunch was P&J hearts, of course!
Afternoon snack in our red entire followed by our red wagon ride to the park. These two deep in conversation about how much they love their mama!
Eat your heart out girls! I'm mama's boy for this Valentines Day!

An evening toast to our papa that we missed so much on love day.

I thought about this cute boy while he was at work on love day!
Happy Valentines Day to the loves of my life!
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Happy (early) Heart day!

Our Valentine celebration. . . a day early!
My little baker in training

Making Daddy heart shaped sugar cookies with frosting

Carter would rather play with the rolling pin then touch the dough

He cried when we ran out of dough to cut

Daddy made mommy dinner! Lobster anyone? The man knows how to do it right! Love him!

Boys frosting their own cookies

These boys have my heart!

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This is what you call trouble. . .

Trying to leave the house and I ran upstairs to grab something, 30 seconds by themselves 217 wipes out of the box, 18 diapers all over the place, 1 pair of pants missing, 1 shirt off and 2 pairs of socks and shoes off. And I wonder why I have trouble leaving the house sometimes.

Helping mama cook breakfast, pulled down the tub of flour and stole the cord to the griddle. His face says it all. . . what mama, what did I do? Opps ya got caught!

An all time favorite around here. Folded fresh clean laundry in the bin ready to be . . . destroyed! Never fails. It's like the basket calls to them, "come on dump me out, your mama won't mind even though she just spent 20 minutes folding it all."

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