Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is what you call trouble. . .

Trying to leave the house and I ran upstairs to grab something, 30 seconds by themselves 217 wipes out of the box, 18 diapers all over the place, 1 pair of pants missing, 1 shirt off and 2 pairs of socks and shoes off. And I wonder why I have trouble leaving the house sometimes.

Helping mama cook breakfast, pulled down the tub of flour and stole the cord to the griddle. His face says it all. . . what mama, what did I do? Opps ya got caught!

An all time favorite around here. Folded fresh clean laundry in the bin ready to be . . . destroyed! Never fails. It's like the basket calls to them, "come on dump me out, your mama won't mind even though she just spent 20 minutes folding it all."

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