Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carter had spaghetti for the first time the other night. (He has had pasta noodles, but never spaghetti noodles.) I striped him down into his diaper and let him go to town. It was all over the floor, his hair, the highchair and me. I think he enjoyed himself though.
My little innocent child has been getting into everything. He cruises so fast and is curious about everything. Tonight he pulled a wine bottle off the wine rack, tipped over the garbage can in the den (luckily only paper) and pulled apart a newspaper. The fun has just begun! Can't wait for two!

Spring time?

Last weekend we left for a walk and it was sunny and beautiful. Once we got to the swings the clouds started to move in and it got a little chilly. 15 minutes later it was pouring down rain! I hate spring time in Seattle. I need heat!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Into month 6

Gray shirt and much tanner then now, is with Carter & black shirt with skin in need of a serious tan is now with second baby boy with no name still (we have ideas, just has not been finalized, we may keep it a secret this time).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My mom and I took a day trip over to Ellensburg to visit my best friend Katie who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Violet Olivia. Katie also has adorable twin two year olds, who are some of the most well behaved little two year olds I know. Katie looked gorgeous as usual, and I swear you could not even tell she had just given birth 9 days before. We just sat and admired baby Violet all day and then headed back home. Carter had a fabulous time with the twins especially Presely. She is so nurturing and just loves Carter. We bought the new baby outfits and Presely was trying to dress Carter in them, she said "for baby Carter? Here." So cute!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's day

Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day, a perfect mother's day spent with the two (three including the little boy in my belly) of the most important people in my life. We decided to head down to the market for the day, I have lived in Seattle my whole life and I still love going to the market as if it were the first time. I could people watch for hours, Eric on the other hand, not so much but he went for me. We spent the day just enjoying the big city and each other.
I think Mother's day is my favorite new holiday. Not because it is all about me or anything but because of the meaning behind it. In my whole life I have never been more proud of anything then being a mom. I feel so blessed to be Carter's mom. There are no words to explain the love that you experience for your children. After having children you can finally relate to your parents and realize all the sleepless nights they had were just because they loved you. I am lucky to have had such wonderful parents who loved me just as much as I love Carter. I love my husband, I love my Carter, I love my little boy in my belly, I love my family, and I love my life.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New game

So Carter has discovered how to pull himself up using the toy box. Well the other day he pulled himself up and over right into the toys. I was washing the dishes and I look over and he is grinning ear to ear, so proud of himself and what he had done!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bath time

Carter's favorite time of the day, bath time! I can hardly wash him any more because he is wildly spashing all over the place.


I look forward to every weekend just because I love seeing this little rug rat running around in his jammies. His face and hands all sticky from the maple syrup on his pancakes. Unfolding every piece of laundry I fold with a huge grin on his face. Him crawling after the vacuum as I desperately try to keep the house clean. Mama trys to get a little workout in but has a monkey boy crawling all over her and ripping out her hair! The time on weekends goes by to fast. I just love spending every waking moment with my precious boy.