Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5 months pregnant

Little baby Carter is growing so fast! My belly is officially looking pregnant now!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The bedding for our little cowboy. . .

I just ordered the bedding! We will be painting as soon as the bedding gets here!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our baby boy's ultrasound & new gear for vacation. . .

Grandma Becker and I went shopping at Bellevue Square on Wednesday. We were out of control. This little child will be so high fashion. I could not believe all of the stuff we got, it is so adorable!

It's a boy!!!

We are happy to announce we are expecting a baby boy! Today was such a memorable day, we will never forget it.

After a sleepless night I was up bright and early so we could be to our appointment right on time. Leaving earlier then needed we set out to find a road closure due to an accident, we were more than halfway down this road before we had to turn around. Frantically we arrived only 10 minutes late (I called to let them know). Before we knew it the nurse called us back, first for the dreaded scale and then the lovely sample. When the nurse came in she said “are you suppose to have an ultrasound today?” and we exclaimed “yes”! We were informed of a small mix up at the desk and I politely said “we will wait here all day because we will not leave until we know the sex”. Then our doctor comes in to and tries to use the mini ultrasound machine. Our little angel decided he wanted to do everything but cooperate. The doctor said the baby was extremely active as we all watched him kick me repeatedly. To make a long story shorter, we ended up having to wait another hour for the ultrasound tech to fit us in her schedule. Within seconds of the instrument hitting my belly I heard her say “it’s a boy, see there is his . . . . “ Eric was absolutely shocked, as was I because we both really thought it was going to be a girl. We are both just so excited to match the little bean with a name and gender! I hope he doesn’t have a complex I have been calling him a girl for 5 months now. We can’t wait to meet our little boy. Eric is already planning to buy him a dirt bike. My brother said he is going to buy him a skateboard and teach him to say naughty words. Perfect!

So today I could no longer fight the urge to not buy anything for the little one. At Target today I had to get him an outfit. We are going to Hawaii in the end of February so I wanted to pick him up a summer outfit or two for the trip. My mom and I already have the first shopping trip planned tomorrow. Watch out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you

We just wanted to thank our parents for all of the support and love they have given us over the years. We hope to do as wonderful job raising our child as you have shown us. We also want to thank you for Baby T's crib (Grandma & Grandpa Becker)and the stroller/carseat (Grandma & Grandpa Tharaldson). Thank you so much, we love you!

18 weeks pregnant

Friday, July 11, 2008

Putting together the nursery for Baby T. . .

The count down is on, only 11 more days to find out what little Baby T is. This week we bought the crib and dresser. I wanted black for a boy or a girl. Eric is working a double tonight so I being impatient and extremely excited took on the task of putting the crib myself. High five to me, I thought it would be pretty challenging when the directions said “requires two people to put together” but I did it. It’s nice to have the bigger purchases out of the way now. It will be all the fun stuff now although buying anything for this baby has been fun. I just enjoy spending money, Eric loves it too! Ha!!!

So the baby is supposed to double in size this month, maybe I will start to look pregnant. I have still continued to sport my bikini with my “swollen belly” which hasn’t been the most fun, but it has been hot outside and I love to be in the heat. A kind man I know mentioned to me the other day “looks like you have put on some weight”, isn’t that sweet? Yes, science has proven pregnant women gain weight, amazing! I have actually only gained 7 lbs so far, we’ll see where I am at, at the next appointment. However I wish they had a machine to weigh your chest, those girls are heavy! I may be looking to donate them after pregnancy, any takers?

Well I will let you know what we are having as soon as we know!

A little bike trip down by the river. . .

With all of the extra time on my hands, Eric and I try to come up with new adventures. This week we went on a bike ride. It was extremely hot but we enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The built in baby bump. . .

My mom and I went shopping today at a maternity store so that I could try on some jeans. For those of you that do not know there are strap on bellies in the dressing rooms at maternity stores. It’s like your own built in baby so you can see what you will look like, we found it very amusing and had to take pictures.

16 weeks pregnant/ 4 months

Time is just flying by. At least I would like to think it is. However I am still waiting for my belly to look pregnant. I know that I am pregnant but other people around me might just think I have a gut. Let's just say the pants defiantly don't fit the same any more. Although I have discovered the best new invention- Belly Bands. Yes I had heard of them but I just purchased my first two. Now I can wear my old pants unbuttoned with a fabulous Belly Band.

This month I have been feeling great. I am back in the gym working out and enjoying it. I can feel a difference in some of the things I do. Exercises that used to be easy are slightly more challenging, you lose your breath faster than normal. But I am glad to be back to my regular routine.

We find out the sex in 21 days. I will let you know all know July 22 after 9 am. Place your bets now. Katie did her magic with the pencil test and she believes it is a girl. I heard about 50/50 from everyone. We’ll see, I just want a happy and healthy baby!