Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a boy!!!

We are happy to announce we are expecting a baby boy! Today was such a memorable day, we will never forget it.

After a sleepless night I was up bright and early so we could be to our appointment right on time. Leaving earlier then needed we set out to find a road closure due to an accident, we were more than halfway down this road before we had to turn around. Frantically we arrived only 10 minutes late (I called to let them know). Before we knew it the nurse called us back, first for the dreaded scale and then the lovely sample. When the nurse came in she said “are you suppose to have an ultrasound today?” and we exclaimed “yes”! We were informed of a small mix up at the desk and I politely said “we will wait here all day because we will not leave until we know the sex”. Then our doctor comes in to and tries to use the mini ultrasound machine. Our little angel decided he wanted to do everything but cooperate. The doctor said the baby was extremely active as we all watched him kick me repeatedly. To make a long story shorter, we ended up having to wait another hour for the ultrasound tech to fit us in her schedule. Within seconds of the instrument hitting my belly I heard her say “it’s a boy, see there is his . . . . “ Eric was absolutely shocked, as was I because we both really thought it was going to be a girl. We are both just so excited to match the little bean with a name and gender! I hope he doesn’t have a complex I have been calling him a girl for 5 months now. We can’t wait to meet our little boy. Eric is already planning to buy him a dirt bike. My brother said he is going to buy him a skateboard and teach him to say naughty words. Perfect!

So today I could no longer fight the urge to not buy anything for the little one. At Target today I had to get him an outfit. We are going to Hawaii in the end of February so I wanted to pick him up a summer outfit or two for the trip. My mom and I already have the first shopping trip planned tomorrow. Watch out!

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Steve Rinabarger said...

Can't wait for the Hawaii trip - Love you guys and my new little nephew! See you next Friday!