Sunday, May 22, 2011

Come on down to Bill's Fishin Hole. . . .

We headed out to Bill's Fishin Hole in the sticks for Hayden's (my girlfriend Tiffany's son) 4th birthday party. Had ourselves a lovely time. Caught up with old friends, watched the kiddos try to wrangle in some fish, pet some animals and had birthday cake! The boys had a great time! Carter squaking at the birds.

Little man discovered the good stuff, poor guy couldn't put these yummy chips down. Why doesn't mommy buy me these is what he is thinking. Probably because mommy would look just like that if we had them in the house!

Carter signs dog for just about every furry animal he sees. We were checking out the goats here.

Lisa, Me, and Tiffany. Hard to believe we have been friends since junior high. (Umm that was quite a long time ago, considering I will be celebrating my 32 b-day next month.)

Dance party, yeah!

We love music in this household and we have dance parties daily. This morning while I was cooking breakfast I caught these two wild ones shaking their groove things in front of the TV (We listen to music on Comcast, don't worry my babies aren't watching MTV!)

We beat the bridge!

Pictures from last weekend's Beat the Bridge race we did for Flynn! Go Team Flynners! We look like drowned rats, but we had a great time. I want to be a runner now! (Although running outside is a whole new form of excercise compared to my treadmill)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One minute. . .

I should be sleeping but I have one minute to myself so I thought I would make a quick post. Is it selfish to want to go to the bathroom by yourself? I seriously cannot remember the last time I got to run to pee just by myself. Within seconds of getting to the porcelain sanctuary there are two little boys smiling back up at me! Carter has a new obsession with flushing the toilet, so as I am using the facilities he is flushing his little heart out. And Nolan is pulling himself up on everything now so he is usually crawling up my leg at the same time. And all this mama wants to do is pee. . . alone!
Lately I have realized with two boys I will be a constant human jungle gym for them. Carter is pulling on my hair trying to crawl into my lap, while Nolan using my bubble yum nipples as a rock wall trying to crawl up and over my head. Yes that's right I said bubble yum nipples, they are seriously like a science project after nursing this long! They look like tube socks with rocks in the toes. Oh the beauty of motherhood.
We had a great weekend. We headed to Seattle to stay at my brother's and Charlie's for the night because we did a 8K run, Beat the Bridge on Sunday. We ran for my best friend Haley's little boy, Flynn who has diabetes. It absolutely poured rain the entire time, but we had a blast. And I was so proud watching Flynners run across the finish line. I will post some pics later. . . I am off to bed! Night, night!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mama's Day

Hands down, best Mama's Day ever. My sweet husband and boys had the most wonderful day planned. To start the day off Eric made me breakfast while I got to take a shower and get ready all by myself. The simplest thing like just taking my time in the shower was a beautiful thing. After breakfast I had some much needed relaxing on the sofa with the Nordstrom spring catalog, picking out all of the new tops and shoes I need to go with my new jeans that my loving husband got me! And then we packed up for our afternoon adventure, crossing our fingers that the rain would subside. We headed to Marymoor Park in Redmond to start our bike ride to the Chateau Ste Michelle Winery. It was a little chilly but we had a blast. We had a picnic, explored the winery, and made a few new friends (Carter feed the ducks so they wouldn't leave after that.)

Favorite new ride!

One of our new buddies

Can you find Carter?

Afternoon nap in the bike trailer. Perfect!

Cheers to my husband who made me his wife and to my two baby boys that made me their mama. I love my life and can't remember what it was like before our children. Being a mom is life's most rewarding experience.


Our friends, Tiffany, Olly and their boys Hayden and Brody came over this weekend for dinner. We all went to a birthday party in the afternoon and then they came over to catch up. Tiffany and I discussed our dream of having sweet little girls one day.The little ones ran around playing so well together. And the daddies drank beer and ran the BBQ.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shopping in the pantry

I caught Carter in the pantry packing his lunch. He had 12 bags of Annies crackers and 1 bag of veggie chips. The kid knows what he likes.

Carter likes to go to the cupboard to get his brother some treats. Nolan had quite the variety of snacks on his tray.

Carter gave him a shoe, a sock, 5 bags of crackers, a bag of veggie chips and a diaper.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kangaroo farm!

Seriously pack up your tikes and head to the Kangaroo Farm. My girlfriend Haley and I packed up the kids and headed to Arlington and had the greatest day ever. We were covered in mud and poo but the kids had a blast! They had kangaroos, monkeys, donkeys, miniature horses, ostriches, lamas and rabbits. it was like a giant petting zoo. Amazing!

Nolan looked just like the baby joeys in the mama kangaroo's pouches!

The kangaroos came right up to Carter's ear and practically kissed him. Carter thought they were all dogs and kept signing "dog".

He signed "horse" for the first time after seeing the giant horse in the pasture.

This was a baby joey that we all got to hold. It was adorable!

Sophia probably could have convinced her mom, Haley to bring home the joey!

We had so much fun!

Bike riding

We went out to enjoy the one day of warm sunshine a week we have been experiencing this lovely spring. We took the boys on a little adventure. Had the bike trailer loaded down with toys, treats and two stinkin cute boys. We rode all over Black Diamond soaking up the sunshine.