Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One minute. . .

I should be sleeping but I have one minute to myself so I thought I would make a quick post. Is it selfish to want to go to the bathroom by yourself? I seriously cannot remember the last time I got to run to pee just by myself. Within seconds of getting to the porcelain sanctuary there are two little boys smiling back up at me! Carter has a new obsession with flushing the toilet, so as I am using the facilities he is flushing his little heart out. And Nolan is pulling himself up on everything now so he is usually crawling up my leg at the same time. And all this mama wants to do is pee. . . alone!
Lately I have realized with two boys I will be a constant human jungle gym for them. Carter is pulling on my hair trying to crawl into my lap, while Nolan using my bubble yum nipples as a rock wall trying to crawl up and over my head. Yes that's right I said bubble yum nipples, they are seriously like a science project after nursing this long! They look like tube socks with rocks in the toes. Oh the beauty of motherhood.
We had a great weekend. We headed to Seattle to stay at my brother's and Charlie's for the night because we did a 8K run, Beat the Bridge on Sunday. We ran for my best friend Haley's little boy, Flynn who has diabetes. It absolutely poured rain the entire time, but we had a blast. And I was so proud watching Flynners run across the finish line. I will post some pics later. . . I am off to bed! Night, night!

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