Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best buddies

Haley and I took the kids to a toy photo shoot on Monday. Her cousin works at a toy company and was looking for some kids for to take pictures of with their products. So we got our supermodels all ready to go and off we went. Haley's kids were all naturals, posing it up for the camera like they were born to be in pictures. And you would think with my little ones having a camera in their face their entire life, they would ham it up. Well Carter bug decided to be shy guy so it was tough getting a good shot of him but we'll see. Nolan enjoyed himself, he loved the toy they had him use and we got to take it home! I'm not sure when we find out if the pictures will be used or not but I'll keep you posted.
After the big shoot the kids and Haley came over for lunch and a little play time. They are so great with the boys. Miss Sophia loves to hold Nolan. Flynn, Adeline and Carter were exchanging hugs all day. Too cute!

Ferry boat ride. . .brrr!!!

We took the ferry boat over this weekend to visit Grandpa & Grandma T. We stopped on the Pier before getting on the boat and rode the merry go round. It was freezing so we mostly stayed inside! We met the grandparents for dinner and then headed back to their house to stay the night. Carter bug enjoyed the hot tub so much last time that we decided to take a dip. Meanwhile Nolan took the bouncer for a spin.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our happy heart day

After a crazy day at work, I came home to a wonderful surprise. Eric had the boys dressed in red, the house clean and a wonderful meal waiting for me. Such a romantic I tell ya! He definatly earned his monthly husband points that night.

Big boys!



Look at these little men growing so fast becoming the best of friends!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I choose my battles

On Sunday I had to get caught up with groceries and errands because I came down with the flu on Friday and was out of it most of the weekend. Horrible flu, I do not wish that upon anyone. . . well except for maybe on the woman we encountered this weekend.

Eric, the kids and I are at Costco looking at this new bike they got in. We put Carter on it to see if his feet would hit the ground. A woman walks up and says "He is special needs, right?" And believe it or not in Carter's two years of life, no one has ever asked. I politely respond yes and she starts to ask if he signs. So she is signing a million miles an hour in his face and Carter plays the shy card. Which I don't blame him, she was a little much. I mean he is two, yes he signs but what child is going to respond back that quickly to a stranger. Any how she goes on to say "oh those children are so special, they are so neat". Like my baby is some other species or something. Eric and I chalk up the conversation as someone trying to be nice but not using the best choice of words. Not to big of a deal but wait there is more. So later on we are standing in line and she sees us and makes her way with her husband and cart-"we want to be by you guys because he is so cute" she says. Then as if she had a mega phone the woman begins asking invasive questions like I have never heard before. "So did his disability happen in your womb or was it during conception? What disability does he have?" I answer back DS and smile trying to keep my cool. She says, "hardly at all, are you sure?" She continues to ask extremely personal questions and I can feel people around us starting to stare. The cashier and bagger at Costco are looking back at Eric and I with their eyes as about as big as ours. This woman did not stop talking until we left the line. She never really wanted to hear any of our responses, she just wanted to hear her own voice. As we were finishing up the bagger loading our cart put her hand on my arm and just smiled. Full of so much emotion and ready to explode I just said, "I choose my battles".

I am more then willing to share just about anything I can about DS and about our little man but when you come at me like that . . . I think of myself as a pretty outspoken person, never really been the shy type but at that moment I could not think of anything to say. What hurt Eric and I the most is that women left the store and went on with her business like it was nothing. Here we have been still talking about it, blogging about it, and thinking about what we would do next time. That lady best not show her face again at my Costco, I am ready now. Its on! I realize that the rest of our lives we are going to encounter people like that so that is why my mission is to educate people on DS. If you want to know about Carter ask about Carter. I am more then willing to share but at least let's be on first name basis before you go asking about my womb!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nolan's first food





We have tried food this week for little Nolan! He is not so sure about it just yet. Brocilli and rice cereal, yummy!
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Mama & Daddy's night out





Celebrated our friend Jenn's 30th birthday last weekend. Her husband put together a great party at the Fir Crest Country club in Tacoma. Cocktail attire was a must which is fabulous because I love to get dressed up!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Life has been crazy! I am now back to work full time and struggling to keep up. I try to get ahead by getting ready for the next day, anticipating that maybe I'll be able to sit down for a minute to rest the next day. Yet the next day comes and I find myself doing something else to get ahead for the next day and realize I have not sat down. I feel like if I am a great teacher then I am neglecting my family. If I am a super mom then I am putting my teaching aside. I am struggling to find the balance and feel like I am juggling so many things at once. I just got done with report cards last week so that could be why I am overwhelmed right now. If there was just 10 more hours in the day I could manage just a little better. I am tired and that makes me emotional and being emotional makes me dramatic. I just miss my babies so much while I am at work. I love teaching but I wish I could be home with them now and go back to teaching when they are in school.
As the days fly by our little precious boys are growing so fast and changing everyday. Carter bug is like a tornado. He flies around the house and is into everything! He loves his new walking skills and is constantly on his feet. He does laps around the island in the kitchen and living room. He loves to dance to any music his toys play or when I put music on. I think back to all the music I played to my belly when I was pregnant with him, I swear that gave my little boy his rhythm.
Nolan Bear is almost 6 months old (in 3 weeks). Mama discovered a little trick to help her and daddy get some sleep. The child enjoys being swaddled! He liked it when he was first born and then started to not like it but he is now comfortable as a giant baby burrito. It works like a charm. We also set up a crib in the guest room (poor kid, his mom's bright idea to have a newborn and a 2 year old share a room didn't go so well!) and he is basically sleeping through the night. He will wake up for a minute and just want his binky but he isn't eating at night anymore.
Well I will have to update with pics later, I need to go to bed!