Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nolan Joseph Tharaldson

Introducing the newest member of the Tharaldson family, Nolan Joseph was born August 26th at 9:03pm. He weighed in at 6lbs. 12oz. and 20 inches long. Labor didn't go as fast as it did with Carter but it was only 3 1/2 hours long, which seemed long to us. They pushed back the time of my induction 3 times on Thursday so to say the least I was a little impatient when I got there and wanted to get the show on the road. Everything went smoothly, they broke my water at 5:30 and gave me some medicine to get things started although I had been having contractions the past two days also so I was ready. And after about 4 pushes baby Nolan arrived with a full head of hair, long fingers and toes, a beautiful complexion and he looks just like his daddy, of course.
We have been adjusting just fine to life at home with two boys. Eric is home with me for 2 weeks so it has been great to spend time with family. We have had tons of visitors who have come with dinners, treats, and gifts. Eric loves the food deliveries and it saves me from having to make dinner. Carter is still not to sure about his little brother. He looks at him for 2 seconds and then turns away and says "nope, nope". So we'll give it some time and he will soon realize the new little one is here to stay. They will grow up to be the best of friends. Nolan is a great little eater and has been nursing perfectly. He is a content baby who only gets upset when he is hungry or you are trying to change him. He is not a fan of being undressed, he gets cold. Hopefully he won't take after me and be freezing cold all of the time.
Well I will do my best to keep you all posted on our crazy life now with two babies under two but right now, mama needs a nap!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Waiting. . .

So yesterday had a test done to see if our baby boy was ready to come. We have confirmation, he is ready and his mama is beyond ready. I was 3 cm dilated and the doctor thought he may see me back there later on that night. No such luck. Grandma Carol stayed the night last night just in case. I called the hospital this morning at 6am they told me to call back at 9. Called back at 9 and the nurse told me it was a little busy but after lunch to call again. So I am waiting for a call before 2 or they will call me. Meanwhile I am having contractions but they are not regular just yet. I am so ready to deliver this baby and hope to be in the hospital by 2 today. I will try to keep everyone posted!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Past the 9 month marker. . .9 days to go!

Okay, I have remained positive this whole pregnancy but now I am done. To top it off we have had record breaking heat the last week which is making my fingers swell like little sauages! So far no Shrek ankles yet though. We have 9 days to go folks. Cross your fingers and pray it comes even sooner. I actually prayed the other night I would go into labor, just so I could stay in a air conditioned hospital for the night.

Stair races

My girlfriend Meghan and her daughter Ainsely came over and the kids were having a great time racing up and down the stairs. I love little babies in just diapers on hot days. I haven't had to do much laundry because we have hardly been wearing clothes around here lately!

We went swimming with Auntie Molly and her neighbors last week at Arbor Heights pool in Seattle. Lovely pool and great company! Although I have still been sporting a bikini, I refuse to be pictured in one! Afterwards we enjoyed a yummy meal at Molly's. She is the greatest hostess, always wonderful food!


Last weekend we went to a fabulous wedding at Eric's family friends house, the Morgan's. It is actually right next store to his parents house. Eric grew up with their family and they are wonderful people. They turned their entire property into a wedding extravaganza! And who would expect rain in August, darn Washington weather. So it was a little damp but still beautiful. Carter and I turned in a little early but Eric decided to live it up and be the life of the party. Let's just say Daddy did not feel so well the next day and Mama had not one once of sympathy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Relaxing in the sun

Busy boy!

Our little munchkin is into everything. It is official, he has become a toddler. Pulls himself up and sometimes on top of things. Walking or should I say running is just around the corner. We just had to put the gate up the other day because he can make it to the top of the stairs in about 3 seconds! Our speech and physical therapist came over on Wednesday and could not believe how much progress he has made and they just saw him 3 weeks ago. He is growing like a weed and changing every day. His new words are "up", "ooohhh" and "uh oh". He has just started shaking his head and occasionally saying "nope", how great! He will randomly repeat words you say and it shocks me every time, even though when I ask him to say it again, he just looks at me and smiles. His laugh is always on cue and he knows just how to use it. His facial expressions are never ending and his personality is amazing. I am so thankful to be able to spend the summer with him.

Out at the ranch

While Eric was racing his little heart out, we went to go visit our friends Bob and Stacey at their house in Ellensburg. I wanted to take Carter to see the animals. Bob and Stacey put on a little show for us, showing us how they rope calves. Carter was not such a fan of the horses. I think they were a little big for him. The cows however he liked, I think because they were smaller. My little city boy, I am going to have to expose him to some more farm animals! We had a good time. They even let my dad release the shoot. To bad he wasn't in his cowboy gear for the event. Bob and Stacey also came to cheer Eric over the finish line later that day.

Crazy husband!

So when I was pregnant with Carter, Eric ran a marathon. Now while pregnant with the second he decides to run a triathlon. Just as I am getting bigger, he feels its best for him to be in his prime, whatever! Last Sunday Eric completed the Whiskey Dick Triathlon from Vantage to Ellensburg. Which come to find out is one of the hardest triathlons out there. It was a 1.2 mile long swim in the Columbia River, 28 mile bike ride (all up hill) from Vantage to Ellensburg and a 6 mile run around Ellensburg. The crazy part was that Eric had a mountain bike and the other 140 participates had road bikes. The entire way he could hear people whispering about him, "Does he know what he is getting himself into", "Does he realize how tough it is going to be on that bike". Despite the challenges, of course he made it just fine. His best piece of advice for next time was to have the proper equipment! I think I was more nervous about the whole event then he was. When he first jumped into the water, I started to cry. A guy watching next to me asked "is this his first one?" I said yes and said "He better survive damn it, because he has one little one and another on the way!" Well we all survived and made it home safe and sound. Way to go honey! I am so proud of you!