Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy boy!

Our little munchkin is into everything. It is official, he has become a toddler. Pulls himself up and sometimes on top of things. Walking or should I say running is just around the corner. We just had to put the gate up the other day because he can make it to the top of the stairs in about 3 seconds! Our speech and physical therapist came over on Wednesday and could not believe how much progress he has made and they just saw him 3 weeks ago. He is growing like a weed and changing every day. His new words are "up", "ooohhh" and "uh oh". He has just started shaking his head and occasionally saying "nope", how great! He will randomly repeat words you say and it shocks me every time, even though when I ask him to say it again, he just looks at me and smiles. His laugh is always on cue and he knows just how to use it. His facial expressions are never ending and his personality is amazing. I am so thankful to be able to spend the summer with him.

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