Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall leaves

They didn't have this when I was a little girl. $10 to go throw some leaves in the air. Nothing in life is free anymore, not even going outside! And the second I parked the ranger was at my door asking for my receipt or Discover Pass. Whatever!

When I was little my parents used to take us to the park to build up piles of leaves and throw them in the air. So I packed up the babes and headed to Flaming Geyser Park. We danced in the leaves, ran through the muddy wet puddles and re-lived some of mama's childhood memories. Only problem was mama watches to much Dateline and any person that looked our way, I wrote down their license plate number. Call me crazy, but I just think I am cautious. Just protecting the fam. I'm a little nervous in wooded parks. But besides me being slightly crazy we had a fun afternoon.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

I want my own pumpkin patch!

I have decided, my new dream is to buy some property, grow some pumpkins and have our own patch. I seriously can't get enough of these places with my little ones running all over the place as if we were in Disneyland. Today Eric was home and we ventured off to Thomasson Farms in Enumclaw. I watch our buddy Raleigh on Monday's and Fridays's so he accomplained us on our fun field trip to the farm. This place was made for kiddos, so much to do, it was amazing. If all three of the boys weren't falling asleep we probably would have stayed there the rest of the day. They had a petting zoo, corn pit, hay maze, trike track, tractor rides, yummy treats and so much more. I couldn't take enough pictures! After a long day at the patch, all the babes are resting and mama is scoping out some property to grow our future patch! Happy pumpkin hunting!

Monday, October 10, 2011

If only I could live at the pumpkin patch

Look out because here we come!

Ready to ride!

Ohh, look at this one brother!

Tough call, I want them all. . .

We have discovered the mud puddles, really? Thanks Grandpa!

Long day at the patch!

Nothing I love more then a day at the pumpkin patch. I could spend hours just watching my babes run up and down the isles of pumpkins. And yes I go a little crazy with pictures, but I can't get enough of their precious little faces lighting up every time they discovered something. This year was so much fun because both of our tikes were walking, it was a whole new world for us. A whole new dirty world, they discovered mud puddles thanks to Grandpa B. But I let them dance their hearts out in the mud because they were having the time of their lives. I just might have to take them to another patch this season because yesterday was so fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"The list"

The boys, my mom and I had the privelliage to attend a special event hosted by Kindering (http://www.kindering.org/) to meet the author, Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa who wrote, "I'm Down with You". (http://imdownwithyou.com/)

A nice lady checked us in and we received our name tags. Carter made a grand enterance, running from left to right talking to anyone who made eye contact with him. We were welcomed into a room filled with nothing but smiles. I felt like we were VIP in a special club, we got invited because we are on "the list". People came up to introduce themselves and wanted to know about our family. Throughout the evening we heard the author speak and families that told their story. It made me want to stand up and tell our story. I saw new parents with their one month old son who had DS, I wanted to run to them and tell them how I thought they were so brave to be there, I could not have done that. I wanted to tell them that it seems so unbearable and heartbreaking right now but it gets easier. I can remember those first couple weeks after bringing Carter home, some days I didn't know how I was going to make it to the next. But that little man of mine showed me how to love like I didn't know I could love. No one can tell you that after you find out, you can't even believe that you will ever be okay again. Some of the thoughts that went through my head in the beginning, I still feel guilty about and to this day I have never even said aloud. I wanted to tell those parents, I have felt it, I know your pain but one day you will be able to be the proud mama like I was that night. My boy lights up a room, he turns heads, his smile is contagious, he makes you laugh and he put us on "the list".

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pre-school prep

We have been working to get Mr. Carter ready for pre-school which is starting this winter after he turns 3 in December. He is attending a playgroup at his therapy center which works on the skills that he will use in the classroom. This is our second week and today went much better than last week. I can defiantly say that Carter is a fan of the music but not so much of the arts and crafts side. Today he participated in circle time like he was an old pro. Followed the songs, directions and even the hand movements. We are still working on being gentle with toys (and our brother) and asking for things by using his signs or words. I will keep you posted on his progress!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Get your chores done!

It's about time these boys get to work and start helping their mama get some chores done. Carter loves to empty the dishwasher (and load the washing machine). He hands you each piece, one by one. Nolan on the other hand just likes to throw the dishes.
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