Monday, October 17, 2011

I want my own pumpkin patch!

I have decided, my new dream is to buy some property, grow some pumpkins and have our own patch. I seriously can't get enough of these places with my little ones running all over the place as if we were in Disneyland. Today Eric was home and we ventured off to Thomasson Farms in Enumclaw. I watch our buddy Raleigh on Monday's and Fridays's so he accomplained us on our fun field trip to the farm. This place was made for kiddos, so much to do, it was amazing. If all three of the boys weren't falling asleep we probably would have stayed there the rest of the day. They had a petting zoo, corn pit, hay maze, trike track, tractor rides, yummy treats and so much more. I couldn't take enough pictures! After a long day at the patch, all the babes are resting and mama is scoping out some property to grow our future patch! Happy pumpkin hunting!

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