Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brotherly love

I love nothing more than my babies in their jammies. And then to top that to see the love and connection that these little boys are building. Carter is becoming the greatest brother. So curious and concerned and just wanting to play. In Costco yesterday Nolan started to cry in his car seat in the cart and Carter turned around to rock the seat for him. At one point I had to slow his rocking but it was the thought that counts. So sweet!

Seattle Children's Museum

We went to explore the Seattle Children's Museum last week. I think it is suited more for older kids but we still managed to have a pretty good time. Carter's favorite exhibit was the African one because there was drums for him to play. Also in the background they had African music playing which he really liked and danced his little heart out. They had a video showing African dancers and Carter was glued to the screen. At one point he was dancing so hard with them that he bonked his head on the screen.
Enjoying Daddy's day off down in Enumclaw. Carter is always a big fan of the swings. Nolan was just catching up on some much needed vitamin D. Looks like winter is here so luckily we got to enjoy the last couple days of sun.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mr. Nolan

Mr. Nolan had his 8 week check up on Thursday. I can't believe he is already 8 weeks and growing so fast. His stats:
weight: 10 lbs. (20%)
length: 22 1/2 (40%)
head: 15 1/4 (25%)
He is already fitting into his 3 to 6 month clothes. I just folded up all of his newborn clothes this morning. Sad! Nolan had a pretty bad rash (baby acne) on his face and back so he has not been able to pose for pics lately. But the Dr. gave us some miracle cream and he will be ready for some photos immediately. The picture I posted in our trick to keep the binky in, we call it the binky bandanna. This little munchkin likes binkies, which surprised me because Carter never did. I have to remind myself sometimes that "oh yeah, they are two different kids", you just automatically think they will do things the same. Poor second child syndrome. Now I realize how good I had it as the first born.

Children's Museum

So I like to try and get Carter out of the house a couple times a week and we have now discovered all of the Children's Museums in WA. We have been to Factoria, Seattle and Tacoma. It is still challenging with Carter not walking but that will change soon. It can get a little tiring lugging around two boys but hey at least I am getting a workout. So last week we went to the Tacoma one and met Tiffany, Jen, and their boys for a couple hours of play time. Carter's favorite part was the mirror on the wall, just right at his level. We had a good time.

Sweet tooth

Occasionally Carter gets to indulge in a little treat or two. I know that if he is anything like his father, I am in trouble when it comes to sweets. Carter got to devour one of Diane's chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Carter Nicholas took two steps this morning! We will be walking in no time!!!!

(Can't post pics right now because the site is down but wanted to share the news!)A

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumkin Patch!

The most wonderful place on earth, PUMPKIN PATCH! I am obsessed with pumpkin patch pictures! I love it! I had the boys dressed in their matching outfits that I had planned for weeks. Ready to take the most amazing pictures ever and to our dismay it rained cats and dogs. I don't even think Nolan saw the light of day because he was tucked away in the carrier. It was still a good time. We had the whole family there to enjoy the festivities. And I managed to get some pictures afterwards back at Grandma and Grandpa Becker's house. Better luck next year with the weather!

I love matching outfits! Get used to it boys, this will occur your entire life or at least as long as your mama can dress you!

Babies R US & Toys R US opened a joint store in Southcenter. We went down for the grand opening to fight the crowds. It's funny because when I went into Toy R US section for Carter, I experienced the same feelings I did as a kid walking in there. I was so excited and overwhelmed by all of the toys. Grandma Carol was with us and of course wanted to buy everything for the boys but we remained calm and didn't do to much damage. Lots of Christmas ideas though!

Carter's therapy center has an open play group on Thursdays so we have gone a couple times so Carter can explore. It is always fun to create a mess somewhere else besides home. He is also starting a class on Fridays next week, a Moving & Grooving class. Hopefully it will help to make those little legs a tad bit stronger so our little man will start walking. He is so close. I am praying he will walk within the next month or so. He has taken one step on his own. He likes to walk holding onto your fingers but the second you let go he looks at you like now what?