Monday, October 4, 2010


On Friday the boys and I took a spontaneous trip to the zoo. Of course getting us all ready in a hurry was interesting. I was trying to get the boys ready so I was changing Nolan's diaper and he literally peed across the room and all over me. As I am lifting him from the changing table he poops all over. I am like, are you kidding me right now. So three diapers later and a heck of a lot more laundry to do and me sweating, we were ready.
We met Haley and her three beautiful children (Sophia, Flynn, Adeline and one more on the way) there. Her kids are so stinkin cute and they have the greatest manners. They were so excited when Carter would say a word. And for some reason they call me "Alice", I love it! We saw all of the animals played at the playground and went on the merry go round. I can't wait for Carter to be able to walk. I did let him crawl around on the playground a bit. Before having two, I would have never let him do that but I guess you learn to let a couple things go. Believe me I washed his hands and body from head to toe with sanitizer! It was a great day!

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