Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buddy Walk October 3

We are working to raise money for the Down Syndrome Community. Please visit Carter's personal fund raising page to support us on our walk. Thank you for your love and support!

The Down Syndrome Community is sponsoring the 14th annual Puget Sound Buddy Walk on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at Center Square in the Seattle Center 1-4 PM. The walk is a short stroll around the Seattle Center grounds and the International Fountain. We would love to see you there!

Love, Carter and Family

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big brother

Look at Carter bug being such a good brother! And look at him standing all by himself!


Carter and Nolan's cousin's came to visit last week with Grandma Georgia and Auntie Erin. Here was an attempt to get a picture of all four! Piper (27 months) Harper (2 months) Nolan (3 weeks) Carter (21 months)


That's right, the first sushi outing with many more to come. This was just a small sample of what is to come! Eric has promised to take me to my favorite sushi place in Seattle sometime soon. I have a freezer full of milk so mama can go and enjoy sushi with maybe a little wine!

Fall fashion show

We went shopping last week for some new fall clothes for Carter. My little growing boy had nothing to wear, imagine that! Well he is stocked up for fall, for now. I can justify all of my shopping now because it will go to the next one!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Can you hear that?

Can you hear that? Ahh, silence. All I can hear is the typing on my computer. It is rare now a days to hear silence. Usually when one sleeps, the other one is up, when one is in a clean diaper, the other needs to be changed, when one is eating, the other one is crying because they want to be feed also. Adding one more to the mix defiantly changes the game. But even after my long exhausting days, I can't help but smile because I feel so blessed to have such a amazing family. I always thought that it would be impossible to love another baby as much as I do Carter but your heart just grows. I love them both more then anything and I love watching them each grow and change every day. My little Carter man is on the verge of walking, I just know it is going to happen in the next month or so. He is pushing himself up into standing without holding on to things. He travels across his toys and climbs on everything. He is still learning to be a "gentle" big brother. I have caught him stealing kisses and giving love pats, I sometimes just have to watch because his love pat can become a little rough.
Nolan turned 3 weeks yesterday. When I think about it, it feels like a long time and then again I think about the fact he hasn't even been in the world for 30 days. Wow! He still looks just like his daddy (surprise). He was weighing in last week at 6lbs.15oz, so still a little peanut. He is a big fan of being held by mommy. . . constantly! He is starting to become more alert and staying awake longer to check out his surroundings.

Mama is still adjusting to two on her own. Although I have managed a few trips to the store alone with both. And evenings I am getting faster at getting everyone ready for bed. I did two baths in under 20 minutes last night, I was sweating and soaking wet but I managed. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get peed on by one or both. Most days I get a shower in but hair and make-up are not always done. Dressing up consists of my "fancy" sweats which would be a Juicy outfit. Speaking of dressing, who was the genius that designed nursing bras. No wonder some women shy away from fashion after children, you need a moo-moo to cover the damn thing. Yes the chest is enlarged but do you need 5 inch bra straps. Goodness! Project Runway I have a challenge for you, design me a nursing bra that makes me hot. Its bad enough I already feel like a cow at least give me a little dignity under my clothes!
Well children are calling so I will try to post some pics later on today when Daddy is home!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photo shoot!

My girlfriend Erin came over yesterday to snap some pictures of our expanding family. My little super model Carter kind of took over the show. He sees a camera and loves to show his little grin! Erin is going to come and do a couple more family shots when Nolan is a little older but for now these are beautiful. Need any family photos? Check out her site: http://www.headoverheelsphotos.com/
I am absolutely amazed at how patient Erin is while taking pictures of babies. I had to stop and nurse Nolan, she waited patiently, Nolan would start to cry, she would wait, he would fall asleep and again she waited and captured every precious moment. Here are a few of all of my boys!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Growing boys

Nolan is 1 week old yesterday. Just about every other day Eric and I turn to each other and say "Do you know we have two kids?" I love being home with all of my boys! Some days are chaos but I am loving every minute of it.
I am a milk machine, again. I have milk coming out my ears, Nolan can't even keep up, he is drowning during feedings. Eric mentioned today we should sell the extra, I laughed.
Nolan is not a fan of baths just yet, unlike his brother the fish. I think because he is so little, he doesn't like to be naked and cold. He is averaging about 3 outfit changes a day. The boy likes to pee, all over his Mama and anything else his stream will reach. He actually peed on his own head the other day. Oh the joys of boys.

Brothers. . .

We still are working on creating the "brotherly love" connection between these two little ones. Carter is coming around, he is defiantly more curious so I don't think it will be long. He has actually signed the word "baby" and even said the word a couple times. He randomly will repeat things you say and then when you ask him to say it again he just looks at you or says his favorite words, "nope, nope". Funny how I have gone out of my way trying to use words like, "danger", "ouch", "hot" and so on so that I don't constantly use the word "no", but it makes no difference. Children must be biologically programed by the age of two to use the word "no" as much as possible.