Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 1/2 months pregnant

Sweet baby girl mama apologizes now, this is the first pic of you in my belly. I know we only have a couple more months now before you will be here and I promise to take more picture of you then. Mama has been busy chasing after your brothers and I was feeling a little sick the entire first half of your pregnancy. Now I am feeling great and getting ready for you to come. Daddy just painted your room last week, as you can see in pink. He is so excited and can't wait to see what you look like. I have been shopping to buy decorations for your room and a few things to fill up your closet. You are already spoiled and not even here yet. Your brothers are getting ready for you also. Carter says and signs baby and then makes a pretend crying sound, Nolan tends to follow as well. Your brother Nolan also thinks everyone including himself has a baby in their belly, mama needs put a damper on that pretty soon before he offends someone!
We are counting down the days until you will here to complete our family. Until then little one mama promises to capture a few more shots of you in my belly.

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Luv Chicken


My girlfriend Missy invited us to a photo shoot for Luv-chicken, a company her friend Anne started by creating these amazing cushions for kids. They are perfect cushions for kiddos to use for a booster at the counter or sitting on the ground to color or to just hang out playing on the Ipad. The kids had fun and we came home with two new cushions. I am defiantly ordering one for baby girl too! Check them out!
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Oh it has begun. . . PINK everywhere!!!!!
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Play date!!!


Another Friday play date. Our group is soon to be bigger, our baby girl joining before long and another mama is expecting also. More babies yeah!
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