Thursday, September 19, 2013

My dearest Addison


Dearest Addison, 

Where has the time gone? My last baby, my little lady, my precious third child. I said I would sit and soak up every second of our days and I have but it still going to fast. I however am loving watching you grow. Your personality shining through and a smile that lights the room just like your brothers. 
Oh and the places you have been little lady, unfortunately the world didn't stop turning when you came and life had to carry on. So at just a couple days old you were out taking brother Carter to pre-school. You really haven't stopped going since. A few of your adventures have been: picnics at the winery twice, trip to the Oregon coast, a guest at two destination weddings, gone on a 12 mile bike ride, hiked to a waterfall and a lake, rode on a horse, visited Nordstrom a few dozen times (shopping runs through your blood girl!), listened to an outdoor concert in the park, been in two movies, been swimming in a pool and very sadly stung by a bee while nursing under the hooter hider. If these adventures are any indication of how life will be, you are ready for the ride sister and I can't wait to watch you go! You are an easy go with the flow kind of girl, happy to just be in mama's arms or strapped in your "pouch" (Ergo). Laid back when your brothers are smothering your face with kisses and attention. And content in just about every situation. 
I am blessed you are mine and happy to see you complete our family. Bitter sweet that you are our last but I promise to slow down time and spoil you as the third baby as much as possible. 
I love you with all of my heart Addison Corey. 
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Thursday, August 29, 2013



Our fish loving some pool time. We could not get them out!
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Summer time at the canal


Soaking up that summer sun out at the canal, good times. . .
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Franklin falls


Family hike to Franklin Falls.
Yes this was a month ago so please excuse the late posting, things are a tad busy around here!
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lucky 7. . .


Dearest Eric Joseph,
Among the constant chaos in our household today, I think back to just seven short years ago when I walked down the aisle to marry you, my best friend. Looking back on how much our lives have changed over the years, I could not of imagined it any other way. I knew then you would be an amazing father and husband, thank you for everything you do for us.
Seven years ago we were filling our glasses with champagne, wine, beer and whatever else was there, living it up, not knowing what the future held but excited to start our lives together. To now our days are filled with toasting sippie cups full of milk, changing diapers, running after naked toddlers, and all of the other craziness that comes with raising babies. Throughout the our days though, it only takes one look, one touch, one moment to reassure me just how much we love each other.
 I love you more every day. Our family is complete and I am more than blessed to spend the rest of my life with you.
Me (AKA-your "dream girl")