Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Life has been crazy! I am now back to work full time and struggling to keep up. I try to get ahead by getting ready for the next day, anticipating that maybe I'll be able to sit down for a minute to rest the next day. Yet the next day comes and I find myself doing something else to get ahead for the next day and realize I have not sat down. I feel like if I am a great teacher then I am neglecting my family. If I am a super mom then I am putting my teaching aside. I am struggling to find the balance and feel like I am juggling so many things at once. I just got done with report cards last week so that could be why I am overwhelmed right now. If there was just 10 more hours in the day I could manage just a little better. I am tired and that makes me emotional and being emotional makes me dramatic. I just miss my babies so much while I am at work. I love teaching but I wish I could be home with them now and go back to teaching when they are in school.
As the days fly by our little precious boys are growing so fast and changing everyday. Carter bug is like a tornado. He flies around the house and is into everything! He loves his new walking skills and is constantly on his feet. He does laps around the island in the kitchen and living room. He loves to dance to any music his toys play or when I put music on. I think back to all the music I played to my belly when I was pregnant with him, I swear that gave my little boy his rhythm.
Nolan Bear is almost 6 months old (in 3 weeks). Mama discovered a little trick to help her and daddy get some sleep. The child enjoys being swaddled! He liked it when he was first born and then started to not like it but he is now comfortable as a giant baby burrito. It works like a charm. We also set up a crib in the guest room (poor kid, his mom's bright idea to have a newborn and a 2 year old share a room didn't go so well!) and he is basically sleeping through the night. He will wake up for a minute and just want his binky but he isn't eating at night anymore.
Well I will have to update with pics later, I need to go to bed!

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