Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best buddies

Haley and I took the kids to a toy photo shoot on Monday. Her cousin works at a toy company and was looking for some kids for to take pictures of with their products. So we got our supermodels all ready to go and off we went. Haley's kids were all naturals, posing it up for the camera like they were born to be in pictures. And you would think with my little ones having a camera in their face their entire life, they would ham it up. Well Carter bug decided to be shy guy so it was tough getting a good shot of him but we'll see. Nolan enjoyed himself, he loved the toy they had him use and we got to take it home! I'm not sure when we find out if the pictures will be used or not but I'll keep you posted.
After the big shoot the kids and Haley came over for lunch and a little play time. They are so great with the boys. Miss Sophia loves to hold Nolan. Flynn, Adeline and Carter were exchanging hugs all day. Too cute!

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