Friday, March 4, 2011

6 months old . . . WHAT?!!!

Nolan Joseph is now 6 months old. Where has the time gone? Our little peanuts stats are:
Length: 26 1/2 50%
Weight: 14 lbs 8%
Our little blued eyed beauty is turning heads where ever we go (along with his ham bone of a brother) The stinker has the cutest smile that also comes with the loudest cry. His secret nickname is HMB- high maintenance baby. We are working on patience and independence right now, ha! He giggles along with his brother and the two of them laughing makes you just want to eat them both up. He is according to the doctor,is sleeping through the night which is considered 5 to 6 hours (ha, what kind of sleep is that). He usually gets up about once or twice for his binky and then is up between 4 and 5am to eat. Nolan is now eating three meals a day and still nursing like a champ. After a long weekend, he usually is not a fan of a bottle and has refused to eat at times. Luckily while I am at work he only has to have two bottles and then I can nurse him for all the other feedings.
Life is good, crazy busy, overwhelming and beautiful every day. We are doing our best to make our life work the best we can. Working full time and being away from my babies has been the most challenging for me. I miss them every second I am away. I constantly feel like I am going to miss something. And functions on the weekend that my babies can't be with me, I find hard to go to because I feel guilty for leaving. I keep asking for just a couple more hours in the day, if only that were possible. So for now I am going to soak up every minute of my precious boys, while their mama is still their number one!

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