Monday, May 2, 2011

Kangaroo farm!

Seriously pack up your tikes and head to the Kangaroo Farm. My girlfriend Haley and I packed up the kids and headed to Arlington and had the greatest day ever. We were covered in mud and poo but the kids had a blast! They had kangaroos, monkeys, donkeys, miniature horses, ostriches, lamas and rabbits. it was like a giant petting zoo. Amazing!

Nolan looked just like the baby joeys in the mama kangaroo's pouches!

The kangaroos came right up to Carter's ear and practically kissed him. Carter thought they were all dogs and kept signing "dog".

He signed "horse" for the first time after seeing the giant horse in the pasture.

This was a baby joey that we all got to hold. It was adorable!

Sophia probably could have convinced her mom, Haley to bring home the joey!

We had so much fun!

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