Friday, July 11, 2008

Putting together the nursery for Baby T. . .

The count down is on, only 11 more days to find out what little Baby T is. This week we bought the crib and dresser. I wanted black for a boy or a girl. Eric is working a double tonight so I being impatient and extremely excited took on the task of putting the crib myself. High five to me, I thought it would be pretty challenging when the directions said “requires two people to put together” but I did it. It’s nice to have the bigger purchases out of the way now. It will be all the fun stuff now although buying anything for this baby has been fun. I just enjoy spending money, Eric loves it too! Ha!!!

So the baby is supposed to double in size this month, maybe I will start to look pregnant. I have still continued to sport my bikini with my “swollen belly” which hasn’t been the most fun, but it has been hot outside and I love to be in the heat. A kind man I know mentioned to me the other day “looks like you have put on some weight”, isn’t that sweet? Yes, science has proven pregnant women gain weight, amazing! I have actually only gained 7 lbs so far, we’ll see where I am at, at the next appointment. However I wish they had a machine to weigh your chest, those girls are heavy! I may be looking to donate them after pregnancy, any takers?

Well I will let you know what we are having as soon as we know!

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