Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shopping & Dinner

Taking in the lovely music played by the piano man at Nordstrom last Saturday. Carter danced the first ten minutes and then decided to relax right in the middle of the walkway.

Later on we meet up with Grandpa to have dinner. Nolan is obsessed with silverware especially forks. Everything must be picked up with silverware, even blueberries (which can take awhile). Completly opposite of his brother who believes silverware is evil and with have nothing to do with it.

We had a first at dinner that night. I have never had to leave a place because my children were acting up, I came pretty close this night. I have taken my kiddos everywhere since birth, thinking it will help them to be more well rounded and flexible in all situations. Apparently Carter didn't get that memo. His new word lately has been "no", he was screaming "no" and causing quite the scene. I had to take him into the lobby a few times. Turns out the boy was just starving because once dinner came he didn't make a peep and he hammered down his food.

And God bless grandparents who are so patient and understanding (probably because they have been there done that). My dad said if anyone looked our way during Carter's meltdown he would give them a dirty look!

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