Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where does the time go?

The days just fly by and Carter is growing and changing daily. We have been very busy and been on countless adventures. Let me sum all our past month.

A couple weeks ago we had Carter's two month check up. He weighed in at 10 lbs. & 4 oz. and measured 22 inches long. He is in about the 25th% for his age group. The doctor said everything looked good and Carter is a healthy young man. The following day we had an appointment with Children's therapy center. Carter had a physical assessment done and compared to a typical 2 month old baby he was right on track. We signed up to have home visits by the physical therapist at least once a month. The therapy at this point is to be pro-active because Carter has strong muscle tone there isn't an immediate concern but it could be helpful for the future. Last week we had our first visit at home with the physical therapist and family planning coordinator. We discussed our goals for Carter's future and what areas of concern we may have. Linda, the physical therapist was very impressed with Carter's strengthen. She showed us new ways to hold him and positions for him to play in to help with his muscle tone. She was also very excited that he was successful at nursing because his strong sucking muscles will help him with his speech later on. Eric and I are hopeful and realize there are going to be big challenges to face in the future but we are going to give Carter every possible advantage to succeed. Our little boy is so special and I can't imagine our life before him.

We have our next home visit this Thursday to check in with us before we go off to Hawaii! I am so excited to show Linda how much progress he has made. Carter is starting to hold up his head for longer periods of time and grip things in his hands. I don't think that he realizes he has something in his hand but it is still so cute. He is also starting to become aware of things hanging down in front of him, he will reach out to touch them. Carter loves to stare at lights and loves his little mirror on his tummy time mat. He will sit there and just stare at himself, it is so funny. Well I will keep you posted on his progress!

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