Monday, February 2, 2009

First overnight trip

Holy smokes, this weekend Carter and I made our first road trip. Daddy went camping (crazy man!) so he couldn't join us. If I thought leaving the house was a lot of work, overnights are 20 times harder. I was sweating by the time I got everything packed, that doesn't include getting into the car. Of course I brought 4 outfits for me and at least 10 for Carter, you know just in case! In case of what that I am gone for two weeks?! Let's just say packing for Hawaii is going to be crazy. We are going to have to pay baggage charges like no other!

We made our way to Ellensburg to stay at Auntie Katie's house. Auntie Amber met us there and we had a girl's night plus three babies, well four including baby Macy in Amber's tummy. Then Sunday we had Shannon's shower for baby Jameson. We had a great time and hurried home to see Papa!

Carter had on quite the cute outfit for the shower. He looks like such a big man!

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Rumphfamily said...

awww...I am sad I missed the playdate!!! Carter looks like such a little man already!!! His outfits are so cute and I see you got the boots...I never want boedy to wear anything else other than those...I have to force myself to put something else on!!! was just at the rack yesterday with ash..they have a ton of Pumpkin patch good sale :0 see you soon!