Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our growing baby boys!

Our growing boys! Oh how you keep your mama on her toes. Chasing the two of you in every direction. You are both changing so fast, I don't want to blink my eyes because I may miss something! Nolan, you are 9 months old and desperately trying to keep up with your brother. I am afraid you will be walking within the next month or so. You have 6 teeth and mama is painfully still nursing you. The neighbors may have heard a few yelps from me after you have bit me! You are quite the mama's boy and secretly I love it, I think it makes your papa a little jealous though. And your brother oh my. . . he is a crack up! Carter bug you are 2 1/2 and very indepentdent. You love being a big brother, you are constantly giving Nolan hugs (some a little aggressive) and kisses. You love copying everything that mama and daddy do, down to spitting while we are brushing our teeth. You make so many different sounds and your favorite new words are "go" and "socks". You are a sponge soaking up everything life is throwing your way. Mama loves the both of you more then words can say!

9 months old

He is so proud of himself!

Nolan pulls himself up on everything! He is starting to travel along funiture now! Ahh!

Big brother had to get his cow picture also. Carter is 2 1/2 now! I can't believe he is growing so fast!

Carter loves to read books.

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