Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Carter's first Easter was over at my sister in laws house. Unfortunately we were missing Grandpa Nick (my dad) and Uncle Josh (my brother) because they were both out of town.
Carter had fun with his cousin Piper. Grandma Georgia got them both bunny ears. Grandma Carol got Carter some new clothes and books. Carter's Easter basket came in a Rubbermaid container because mommy wanted her to be practical. Mommy can use Rubbermaids again instead of collecting thousands of Easter baskets. Perfect for organizing! Yeah!
Carter was a little fussy on Easter. I think he is maybe getting a tooth. My mom said my brother and I got teeth at a young age also. Carter has been drooling a lot lately and I can feel a tiny little bump in his gums. I can't believe he is teething already! This is going to be a long process, starting this early!

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