Friday, April 3, 2009

4 month check-up

Well our little man had his 4 month check up yesterday at the doctor's. He checked in at:
Weight: 12lbs. 10 oz. (10%)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (60%)
He is a tall lean man at such a young age. Don't you worry he has plenty of rolls to go around. The doctor commented on his strengthen and was again impressed by Carter bug. We have started to add rice cereal to his diet at night with his bottle. Just in the past couple weeks Carter has started to wake up hungry so hopefully this will help. I was so blessed at the beginning with him sleeping through the night now not so much. I realize now what all these other mommies were talking about.

We took a trip over to Leavenworth as one last special thing to do before mommy has to go back to work. I have three days and I know I am going to be a mess but I don't think there is really any way to prepare yourself for it. In Leavenworth we walked around town and ate yummy food at all of our favorite places. We told stories to Carter about all of our special trips over there. And we figured out the other day that Carter was born on the same day we got engaged (Dec. 2, 2004), isn't that crazy?

Well enjoy the pictures and think of me on my journey back to school! Cross your fingers that I survive!

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Kim said...

seriously, I think you might be the cutest mommy ever! I miss you, call me or email so we can hook up!