Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grown up time

Anniversary dinner at Umi's sushi

Wedding in Semiahmoo

My summer days are spent being a full time mama, finding things for the babes and I to do (while daddy is at work). And don't get me wrong, I enjoy every moment we spend together but sometimes a mama needs a little break. I would be lying if I said it was easy to spend all day and night taking care of babies. Like tonight for example. . .

I am in the process of trying to teach Carter how to use the potty. I am taking it very slow and he sits on the potty before bath time every night (proud to say he has gone potty a few times on the big boy pot). So tonight Carter is on the potty and Nolan was already in the tub. Then Carter joined him in the bath but he must have not finished his business in the toilet because when he got in the tub he finished going pee on the back of poor Nolan. He then proceeds to do the big job . . . in the freakin tub! So I have everyone evacuate the tub so I can sanitize the entire place. Two soaking wet babies out of the tub and waiting for me to fill it back up again. Meanwhile Carter runs to the play room to wait for me to say the tub is ready again. Oh the surprise he had waiting for me. . . again not finished with his business, he pooped on the floor in the playroom! AHH!!!

So I think from time to time, a little break from poop patrol for mommy would be a good thing.

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