Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo . . .how about you, you, you?

BFF- Haley & I

Rach, Haley, & I and our caravan of children.

Carter wanted more pictures taken, boy loves the camera!

(Sorry Raleigh, your hat was too small, your mama later informed me there was a hat in your bag. We found it so don't worry you didn't wear this one all day long.)

Raleigh woke up to see this big boy smiling down on him!

Carter woke up Friday morning to a baby boy all bundled up in a car seat sitting on our bench. We had the privilege of watching Raleigh on Friday while his mama and papa went to work. Carter was very excited to find out little Raleigh was going to spend the day with us. So Grandma and I ventured out to the zoo with three sweet baby boys to meet up with the girls and their beauties!

We had a great day in the sunshine and all the babes were on their best behavior. Does this mean I am ready for baby number three???!!!!

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Erin said...

LOVE that Raleigh was able to spend the day with you guys - he couldn't stop talking about it :) Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!