Sunday, November 30, 2008

9 1/2 months pregnant (38 weeks)

Alright we are down to the wire here. I am ready to pop. I had a tiny meltdown today because I am ready for baby Carter to come out. Anyone who says they love being pregnant in the ninth month is lying, crazy or so bloated that their brain is not working properly. I have tried to remain positive but my swollen Shrek ankles, hot dog fingers, belly feeling like it could rip open at anytime, never ending bathroom trips and no sleep are making it rather difficult. My wedding ring is now around my neck on a chain, I didn’t feel right walking around with no wedding ring on and pregnant, call me old fashioned. Pregnancy is the wildest adventure I have ever been on. Something so monumental with absolutely no predictability, let me tell you for someone with OCD this is not easy. I literally have no idea when this child is coming and that scares me, oh just a little bit. I have been having contractions which are not pleasant but I get so excited because I am like okay this is it and then they go away. I pray every night that my water will break while I am sleeping but I wake to pee and find myself very disappointed. I start my weekly appointments this week hopefully the doctor will tell me I am in labor when I get there and send me straight to the hospital, cross your fingers for me, if not I going to try slipping him some extra cash to get this show on the road. Remember about a month ago when I didn’t want advice, now I am looking for it. I need any vital tricks that will work to help baby along. I know of at least one and let’s just say Eric is feeling like a used piece of meat right now. I will keep you all posted on our journey to labor!!!!

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