Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meeting the fam

Grandpa Robin & Grandma Georgia with all of the grandbabies- Carter, Nolan, Addison, Harper (2) & Piper (5)

Auntie Erin (Eric's sister)

Grandpa Nick & Grandma Carol

Watching my babies grow ever so fast makes me wonder just how my parents and in laws feel. Do they look at us and still see us as children? Do they remember us being babies? Does it seem like yesterday? It is hard to imagine that one day our babes will grow up, leave us and maybe start families of their own. One day I will have to step back, let go and they will make big life decisions all on their own. I think about this now as my parents watch me parent, what it must feel like to see your grown baby raise a baby.
With that said I hope to slow down and soak up these precious years because I am sure our parents can attest to the fact that time flys. Since I have not let a moment pass me by, my blogging has taken a back seat to the three little people in the house. So a little late but here are the pictures of Addison meeting the fam.
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