Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The birth of our little lady


One week ago our family of four became a family of five. Addison Corey was born May 17, 2013 at 2:46 am, weighing 7.4lbs. & 18 1/2 inches long, she completes our family. A very bitter sweet moment having a little girl and knowing she is our last baby. I want to savor every waking moment, I want to slow down and cherish each moment with all of my kids. Seeing this tiny little bean just reiterates how fast time really does go. It seems like I just brought Carter and Nolan home not that long ago and now they tower over her like the big brothers they are. 
Here is how our little lady joined us: 
On Tuesday the 14th I had my last doctor's appointment and he decided to move up my induction date because I was already dilated and she seemed ready to come a little early. I went home to prepare for Thursday May 16. Come Thursday morning I had to call the hospital every couple of hours, starting at 6:30am in hopes they had a room ready for us. After a long agonizing day I called at 4pm and a nurse told me "Oh no, your doctor rescheduled you for Monday", I started to cry. It is kind of a big deal when you tell a very pregnant woman they are going to have a baby but then that they have to wait 5 more days. I talked with my doctor and he said asked about my contractions which I had been having all day, they just hadn't been regular yet. He told me if they were to get stronger to come to the hospital because he was on call all night long. And so we walked, I was determined to have this baby that day. And sure enough the contractions got stronger and regular within a few hours and we headed to the hospital. Our doctor met us,  confirmed I was in labor and admitted us to the hospital. 
Dressing into the hospital gown I looked around the room and wanted to take it all in, this was the last time, the last baby we would bring into our family. And as much as I was ready to hold my baby girl I wanted to feel her move around in my belly for just a bit longer. I listened to the monitor, heard her heart beating and her moving around, knowing in a few hours I would actually be able to feel her heart beating on my chest.   My water was broke at 11:45 and I waited for the nurse to tell me it was time. I was too excited and nervous to sleep so I laid there imagining what her little face would look like, what color her eyes would be, how much hair she would have and what would her brothers think of her. It was about 2:40am and I was ready for our daughter to join our family. Literally three contractions and at 2:46am she arrived. 
I don't want to forget one moment of her birth or the boy's for that matter. Bringing babies into the world has made me a mama, a joy you could never put into words. I am on a high still, I look down at her and my heart skips a beat. I look at my sweet boys and they way they love her and I am overwhelmed with joy and love. We have been blessed with three beautiful children and we couldn't be happier. 

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