Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Pregnant and I Know It". . .

So my pregnancy calendar stated "most women are still feeling sexy at this point in their pregnancy." Umm excuse me? My sexiness went out the window the minute I peed on the little stick and two pink lines appeared. Exactly who did they poll when doing their research? What is sexy about not being able to see your feet or tie your shoes? My belly has reached it's limit, looking down and watching her move is like a scene from the movie Alien. My skin is feeling slightly itchy but no sight of stretch marks (didn't get them with the boys either, thank ya mama for those genes!) And the potty breaks, oh my. Must be within a 5 minute radius of a bathroom at all times. I have literally left the bathroom to turn around one minute later and go again. Good thing Costco had TP in the coupon book because it is being used and abused in this household right now. And to the hunger, yes feed me please however I get to take about three bites before I am full because yet again, no room! And an hour later mama is hungry again with fire in my throat because of the raging heartburn. And then the girls, goodness so sorry sweet little lady I will apologize now before you get here. I know it must be overwhelming to know something bigger then your head will be giving you nutrition. But don't you worry, you soon will suck the life out of them and they will be back to my waist line in no time. The simple joys of motherhood.
So I am not here to just complain (well maybe briefly vent a tad) just simply disagree with the research poll that my pregnancy calendar stated. And to tell them they are down right wrong, wrong, wrong!
Aside from my sarcasm I am more then excited for the big day to come and we will get to meet our lady. The boys are sensing something is about to happen. Carter pats my belly and says "baby" and then makes a pretend crying sound. Nolan you ask if he wants a sister and he mean mugs ya with quite the expression and then shakes his head no. Poor middle child, I promise sweet boy you will adjust. I can't wait to see their little faces when they will walk in the hospital room to meet their sister for the first time. They will be amazing big brothers.
I am feeling pretty good just a little tired. Sitting isn't much of an option around here so we are constantly on the move. I am very anxious and feel like she is going to come sooner then planned. I totally have bags packed just in case. I have an ultrasound next week to see how big she is. My appointment this week, the doctor said she was head down and ready to go. If I don't go into labor before May 20th then I will be induced that day. 3 weeks and counting!
Enjoy this hilarious video! I promise you will have it stuck in your head, so sorry!

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