Monday, April 8, 2013

A shower for the little lady

 Best salted caramel pink cupcakes ever, thank you Erica Anne!

 Maria, Amber, Dee, Katie and I
 Mama, Erin, Auntie Molly, and Diane
Mandy J and Rissa 
 Erica, Mel, Tiff, Kayla, Jamie, and Krissi
 Megs, Dee and I
My East side of the mountains ladies, Shannon and Katie!  

This woman helped plan an amazing shower! Thanks Haley Adeline, I love ya!  
What a day, I am truly blessed with the most wonderful amazing women in my life. Thank you Haley, Katie, Tiff, Erica and Amber for helping put together this shower for our little lady. And thank you for all that came to celebrate this last pregnancy, it will truly be one to remember. Every gift and basket wrapped with pink bows and sparkles, inside were tiny pink, flowered, striped and polka dot outfits. Literally this baby girl is going to have to be changed 10 times a day to wear all of these new clothes.
It is bitter sweet to know she will be here soon but this is the last time I will have a baby in my belly. I am soaking up these last few weeks, although slightly uncomfortable, savoring every last kick and poke from this little bean. She will be here soon to complete our family!
Thank you again for the fabulous day! Love you all and missed the ones who couldn't be here.

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