Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mama's still got it???


Not gonna lie, what girl doesn't like a compliment from time to time? Well the other day we were driving down the street minding our business when a nice shiny red truck pulled up next to us at the light. These kind gracious gentlemen (insert sarcasm here) were desperately trying to get my attention. Really boys, what do ya think a girl is going to do, pull over and hand you her number? Well little did they know about my backseat beauties. I politely roll down the window. . .Carter's window that is and my big man says "HHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIII"! with his cute sweet smile and a friendly wave. It was too perfect! Well our new found friends sped off without even waving goodbye. Huh? Boo-yah, take that boys, let my babies teach ya a lesson about hooting and hollering to get a ladies attention!
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