Thursday, June 7, 2012

I surrender. . .

As a mama, we all have our days. And it could be the yucky constant rain here in lovely Seattle, or my sore throat making it impossible to swallow which also makes me sound like a drag queen or just today I am feeling . . . overwhelmed. Yes I said it, I AM AN OVERWHELMED MOTHER TODAY. Why does that sound like such a sin to say aloud, yet kind of liberating? No one ever wants to admit that it is hard but yet when your one year old starts to cry and you start crying with them, just maybe you need a "it's okay to have a bad day" said to you.  Today, I surrender and raise my white flag to the small people in my house and life. I will take defeat like a champ and know there will always be tomorrow to throw a parade, do a happy dance with a big old cheesy grin and regain my title as a mama who rocks (most of the time).

Throughout my whirlwind of a morning I was getting Carter changed after swim therapy in the locker room watching another mother with her precious son who also happens to have an extra chromosome. We have briefly spoke in passing over the last couple weeks but today I felt confident enough to ask her some questions. We talked about potty training, teeth grinding, public school and just a few of the challenges she has had raising her son, the youngest of five. It is always rejuvenating talking with another mother who knows or can relate to what you are going through. And yes there are challenges ahead of us but we can make it even if the day flat out sucks! Ever heard the song "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" funny that is Carter's favorite song right now!

After my rough morning I came home, put the babes down for a nap, opened the computer and found this.
Just what I needed, thank you!

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