Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We headed downtown Enumclaw again this year for the Halloween celebration. (And my damn battery in my camera ran out within 5 minutes of us getting there, I almost cried! I charged that bad boy up later so I survived!) The boys are still a little young for trick or treating but are starting to discover what candy is, thanks to daddy. Eric was nervous about being the only adults in costumes but our family themed costumes were a hit. Even random strangers wanted our pictures. We passed "Puff the Magic Dragon" who was very impressed with our costumes and proceeded to say "Oh look the tin man, lion, scarecrow and . . . hot Dorothy!" Thank you sir but easy "Puff" your wife may not agree and my husband might attack you! (Don't get me wrong, a girl loves a compliment but have some class in front of the small babes dude!)

Then we headed over to the grandparents to celebrate Grandma Carol's birthday. Happy birthday Nana, we love you! (Today is her actual birthday!)

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