Monday, September 19, 2011

I never got the memo. . . .

Carter has been attending swim lessons this summer and just started the fall session last week. My little fish is doing a fantastic job in the water. He is an excellent bubble blower, loves to jump off the side, a strong wall walker and has fantastic floating abilities. During the summer session I always showed up in my bikini, because that is what I own. I never got the memo. . . when you become a mom you must invest in a one piece suit. So there I was looking like a little hussy in my two piece and big old regretful tattoo on my back, knowing damn well other moms were probably talking about me. And when one of the girls popped her head out during swim lessons, it was time. . . time for the big girl mama suit. So I did it, I waited for Target to put their swim wear on clearance and I picked myself up a suit, whole piece and all, navy with a little ruffle down the center to jazz it up. It's official, I am a mom.
So last week at our first fall lesson I walked in, in my mom suit feeling conservative and confident like I was an official member to the new club! I still have my two piece attitude and don't you worry I will rock that thing tell the girls are dragging on the floor (which won't be long) just not at swim lessons!

(New mama suit is not featured in the post, that was pre-mama suit slash "hussy" suit.)

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