Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st dentist appointment

Well we attempted Carter's first dentist appointment. I sat in the chair with him in hopes it would make him more comfortable. He did not open his mouth the slightest bit, I literally had to pry it open. The dentist said that was fine we would slowly build up to his first cleaning, so every 6 months we will come in, walk around, possibly look at his teeth but mainly to just get him comfortable. We found an amazing dentist in Federal Way, Dr. John Hodges. He has 3 young children and his 8 year old son happens to have DS. We really enjoyed our visit, well maybe not Carter but he will learn to like the place one day.

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Julius Ainsworth said...

It is understandable for kids to feel uneasy and uncomfortable on their first dental visit since everything is quite new to them. But I think you did an impressive job in making him feel at ease. Well, I think that he will come around and feel relaxed during his next visits. Just try to explain to him in simple words that coming to the dentist is important, and give him some rewards when he obeys the dentist’s instructions. [Julius Ainsworth]

Anonymous said...

It’s important that Carter visits his dentist regularly. The more he is exposed to it, the more he will gain confidence towards dental appointments. He will surely appreciate and love the place one day. ;)

Gunilla Cameron