Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas tree!

We headed out for an adventure this Sunday to find the perfect Christmas tree. The adventure was had, but the tree not so much! When I was younger my parents use to drag us up to the mountains every year to find our tree and take our family Christmas card. The pictures usually said it all, my brother and I freezing and being brats. Parents usually not speaking at this point because my mom just drug my dad half way up the mountain on foot to find the "perfect" tree. On that note we decided to create the same tradition in our family. Eric is a "woods person" at heart so I knew he would have a good time. Eric's interpretation of the day is much different then mine. He had himself an adventure trucking out into the snow, climbing the mighty mountain in our SUV and chopping down our ever so ugly Christmas tree! Mean while I was in the car with two screaming children sweating in puddles because we all had on 87 layers of clothes, trying to change poopy diapers in about a one foot space. Nursing Nolan with breast milk spraying all over the place. Carter got himself a new shiner because he insisted on playing on the floor and ran into the back seat heater. We managed to get out of the car for a couple minutes so we could snap a few happy shots out in the snow and pick out world's worst tree. I had picked a giant beautiful bushy tree, the only problem was that when Eric cut it down it had about three other trees next to it, giving the illusion that it was full! He comes marching back to the car with a giant man grin because he had just defeated the tree with his saw, only to find a very disappointed wife. I decided to accept our tree and try to make it lovely with decorations at home. All and all we had a great day with the family and I imagine we will make it back there again next year!

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