Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The day finally came. I have had their costumes for over a month and have been waiting for this day to come. Poor kiddos were probably sick of their costumes because I put them on them every other day! So on Sunday we got them all snug in their costumes and headed to Enumclaw to do some trick or treating. Trick or treating in the neighborhood seemed like a lot of work with the stroller so downtown was perfect. Everyone got to see their costumes and no one had to get out of the stroller. We should have entered a costume contest some where, I don't know how many times I heard "oh how perfect, a monkey and a banana"! We came back to the house where Eric seemed to have a contest of his own, eating as much candy as possible and then we celebrated my mom's birthday. My dad was out of town on business and brother came down with the brown bottle flu (too much of the fun stuff the night before)so it was just us. I made some yummy chicken marsala and green beans (my new favorite veggie!) We had a little wine while Carter made us laugh with all of his sounds and Eric made us laugh with how much he could eat. Carter got to have his first piece of candy, he enjoyed it, which makes me nervous if his appetite for chocolate is anything like his father's!

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Amy Flege said...

they are super cute!! looks like you had great time showing them off! :)