Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is here. . .

This weekend we went to the lighting of the bridge in downtown Sumner. It was pretty cold and wet outside but we managed. Poor Carter hated the fireworks and cried the entire time, not a big fan of the loud noise. I love seeing everything decorated for Christmas, lights and all. Afterwards we went to dinner with the Goldsmiths and Oney's. We realized before we got there with just three families we had a party of 12, and all boys under the age of three. Poor Tiff, Jen and I were the only girls. We defiantly will be trying every trick in the book to get a girl someday. I cannot be out numbered like this for the rest of my life! All six of the children did great at dinner and at the end Jen gave all of the kiddos suckers. Carter has never had a sucker before (considering Halloween this year was his first piece of candy) so he enjoyed it to say the least. I sat back and watched him stick it to his face, his hand and all over his clothes. I tell you with a toddler and a baby you learn to let some things go. Life is messy but like a sucker, stick with whats good!

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